Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 106: Gone Girl (2014) and Cold in July (2014) and A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2014) and The Two Faces of January (2014)

Episode 106

This episode is dedicated to our friend Anthony Bruno.

Episode 106 is 3 hours and 32 minutes of good times. (But in case we get too long-winded on any portion — such as our specialty segments — we’ve included the time stamps for your convenience.) Jason, Andy and Josh are joined by special guest film critic Cody Clark to help us review Gone Girl (with a spoiler section after the end credits) and Cold in July and A Fantastic Fear of Everything and The Two Faces of January.

Is there a 2014 movie that you’ve been wondering about that we haven’t covered yet? Let us know in the comments which 2014 movies you’d still like to hear us review before the end of the year. Thanks for listening!

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Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 045: 2 Guns (2013) and Only God Forgives (2013) and R.I.P.D. (2013) and The To Do List (2013)

In an atypical Episode 045, we review four new movies that are currently playing in theaters: “2 Guns,” “Only God Forgives,” “R.I.P.D.” and “The To Do List.” And and we still clocked in at under 2 hours somehow. Our special guest is Crime Writer ANTHONY BRUNO whose Web site is Anthony Bruno kicks off the episode by telling us some very cool insider information about the process of writing the novelization for David Fincher’s film “Se7en” (1995). And of course, we bring you our Mini Reviews and our specialty recommendation segments, as well.

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Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 026: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

For this lively and rambunctious Episode 026, your hosts Andy, Karl and Jason review Olympus Has Fallen, and they pick on their other, absent co-host, Josh, quite a bit, as well. This episode also features some Mini Reviews and our famous recommendation segments. Thanks for listening!

I. Intro
II. Mini Reviews
Andy: House of Cards, Friends With Benefits (2011), Troll Hunter (2010), The Barrens, Argo, The Raid: Redemption
Karl: The Call, Emporer
Jason: (Movie Stream, Animal Kingdom, Amber Alert Continue reading