Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 063: Out of the Furnace (2013)

out of the furnace pull quote poster best film of 2013In Episode 063, your host, Jason Pyles, calls his shot for 2013 and points to the centerfield bleachers, naming Out of the Furnace “the very best film of 2013” and “a bona fide masterpiece.” Jason also may be suffering a heart attack in this episode. Meanwhile, his co-hosts Andy and Karl make very controversial and politically incorrect statements that are sure to offend every single one of our listeners in one way or another… And Josh Ligairi, innocent by exclusion, did not make this episode, as he was traveling back from shooting a documentary in Los Angeles. Lucky, Josh…

Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts (and frequent guests), who give you their verdict on at least one new movie release that’s currently in theaters, mini-reviews of what they’ve been watching lately, and specialty recommendation segments. New episodes release every single Monday.


I. Intro:
— Que’s Comment: What Movie Podcasting Is All About
— The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer and The Rhino

II. Mini Reviews:
Karl: Thor: The Dark World, Homefront, The Book Thief, two Gene Wilder interviews
Andy: Only God Forgives, Gangster Squad, Identity Thief, Zombie Lake
Jason: The Walking Dead – Season 1, Megaquake: Hour That Shook Japan

III. Feature review of OUT OF THE FURNACE:
Jason = 10 ( Theater / Buy it! ) – A Masterpiece! The best film of 2013!
Andy = 8 ( Rental )

VI. Recommendation Segments:

Animated Christmas Movies That Andy Hates, and One He Loves:
Hates: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)
Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (1970)

Loves: How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

Romantic love of Karl’s favorite Christmas specials while growing up: Santa and the Three Bears (1970)

Creeps: Friday the 13th (1980)

Note: If you’d like to hear a much more in-depth review of this film, listen to Jason on The Resurrection of Zombie 7 podcast: Ep. 70: Friday the 13th

VI. Wrap-Up
— Andy inevitably gives a list of fatal celebrity car crashes
— Karl says buy the Chromecast device so you can watch Almost Human, The Agents of Shield, Black List and Elementary
— Jason says listen to The Donut Show, Ep. 017: Geeks and Geek Culture and Horror Movie Podcast, Ep. 004: Maniacs, Grabbers and Gary Busey

What’s coming up?
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— Recording Love Actually commentary to release later this week! Watch for it!

Next Monday on MPW we will review The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug with special guest Cody Clark, as well as The Last Days on Mars, and Paul Walker’s Hours

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9 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 063: Out of the Furnace (2013)

  1. hi Jason,

    Another 10/10 movie from your rating… this seems happening rather frequent recently! I guess it is not a bad thing, right?

    How do you compare this to the recent favorite Gravity and Captain Phil? both are kind of ‘slow’ and ‘paced’ stories, but I sense less of excitement from Andy’s voice on this one.

    and yeah, the poster is really misleading … Just like ‘Grand Torino’ right?

    • Que,
      That’s a fair question. It’s common to have a lot of higher ratings this time of year, as Oscar season approaches. Summertime is blockbuster time, and wintertime (for the U.S.) also has some popcorn fare, as well as Oscar bait. All three movies you mentioned are 10’s, but in this order of preference:

      1. Out of the Furnace
      2. Gravity
      3. Captain Phillips

      But “Out of the Furnace” is a full-blown masterpiece. Trust me, go see it!

      Thanks for writing. We love your comments.

  2. All the talk and love for Identity Thief makes me wonder if all of you missed Sandra and Melissa in The Heat earlier this year. I don’t recall anyone covering it, I could certainly be wrong though. I thought it was a silly actioner on some levels but thought they had great chemistry like you mentioned with McCarthy and Bateman. It’s also the hardest I’ve laughed in a theater since Role Models… I don’t consider myself juvenile, but man I loved that film, The Heat isn’t quite as good but it’s pretty funny. Kinda like if Roseanne were a cop on HBO.

    It makes for a less remarkable story but the ice shards coming in from the water that Karl referred to was actually in Minnesota off the lake I believe but still pretty amazing stuff.

    Anytime you need to offend someone Jason, I’m here for you.

    I thought Out of the Furnace looked great from the trailer, I hope to see it.

    I love that Karl mentioned Santa and the Three Bears, I’ve been looking for this and couldn’t remember the name. I’m shocked its that old. It seemed more modern from my memory but I think it’s a great one. I do agree with Andy about Rudolph but really if your kids don’t believe in Santa what does it matter if he’s a jerk? Either way his comments cracked me up. I’ll try not to scar my kids like Andy was though :)

  3. Karl mini-reviewed “The Heat” back in Episode 042. But I’ll tell you what, Hammer … I’m not able to catch “Hours” this week, as promised, so if you’d like a feature review of “Heat” this Sunday (you or anyone out there), let me know, and I’ll cover it.

    Jeff, you must see “Out of the Furnace.”

  4. Yeah, I just went back and listened. Karl gave a very fast, 30-second mini review of “The Heat” in Ep. 042. He said he laughed quite a bit and enjoyed it. Karl also said it does not have a strong story, but both women are funny together. He gave it a 7 out of 10 and called it a Rental.

    So, I guess we could discuss it more at length this Sunday, if even one person out there comments here and wants to hear more. I haven’t seen it yet, but I could watch it.


    • Thank you, Sky. Totally agree! I’ve been telling Karl and Andy this since we began podcasting together in June of 2010. It’s a huge podcasting no-no. Thanks for backing me up.

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