Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 026: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

For this lively and rambunctious Episode 026, your hosts Andy, Karl and Jason review Olympus Has Fallen, and they pick on their other, absent co-host, Josh, quite a bit, as well. This episode also features some Mini Reviews and our famous recommendation segments. Thanks for listening!

I. Intro
II. Mini Reviews
Andy: House of Cards, Friends With Benefits (2011), Troll Hunter (2010), The Barrens, Argo, The Raid: Redemption
Karl: The Call, Emporer
Jason: (Movie Stream, Animal Kingdom, Amber Alert Continue reading

Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 017: The Last Stand (2013) and Mama (2013)

We’ve done it again — another double-feature review, but instead of reviewing “Broken City,” Karl surprised us and switched to “The Last Stand.” Jason and special guest podcaster JOEL ROBERTSON, host of the much loved Forgotten Flix Podcast, review “Mama.”

Also in this episode, we talk about a term coined by Jason Grooms called “Cinematic Nostalgia Disorder” (CND). And of course, we give you loads of Mini Reviews. We also take a moment to sincerely thank “Dangerously” and “CharissaLand” for your kind reviews that you wrote for this podcast on iTunes. We’re super-grateful! And we wrap up the show with some drama that’s going on in the podcasting world involving lawsuits and patents and all sorts of shenanigans. Continue reading