Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 032: Iron Man 3 (2013) and Mud (2013)

The Summer Blockbuster season has begun, and your hosts at Movie Podcast Weekly unanimously feel that “Iron Man 3” is a great, lead-off hitter for this year’s crop of popcorn movies.

And we also bring you a bonus review of “Mud” (2013), an interesting film reviewed by filmmaker Joshua Ligairi, who joins us this week from the road in New York City, where he is in meetings about his upcoming documentary, “Plan 241.”

For Episode 032, Karl, Josh and Jason are joined by special guests WILLIS WHEELER of the Terror Troop horror movie podcast and fellow movie buff SCOTT TERAN.

I. Intro
II. Mini Reviews
Karl: The Company You Keep, The Big Wedding, The Maltese Falcon
Willis: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Hannibal (TV), Bates Motel (TV)
Jason: The Impossible, Miami Connection
Scott: Black Mirror (TV)
Josh: The Place Beyond the Pines, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Spring Breakers, Trance, Oblivion

III. Feature review of “Iron Man 3”
Ratings and Recommendations for IRON MAN 3
Jason = 7 ( Theater / Rental )
Karl = 8 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Josh = n/a
Willis = 9.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Scott = 7 ( Rental )

IV. Feature review of “Mud”
Ratings and Recommendations for MUD
Josh = 9 ( Buy it! )

IV. Genre Recommendation Segments

Crime / Romantic Comedy: Take the Money and Run (1969)

Horror / Crime / Suspense Thriller: Burning Bright (2010)

Documentary: The Arbor (2010)

Willis Wheeler Recommendation: Flash Gordon (1980)

Scott Teran Recommendation: Four Lions (2010)

V. Wrap-Up

NEXT WEEK’S MOVIE: The Great Gatsby

Links for this episode:

Don’t forget to watch Josh’s documentary “Cleanflix,” which is currently streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Jason’s Mini Review of “Cleanflix”: Movie Stream Cast, Episode 007

Full podcast interview with “Cleanflix” directors Andrew James and Joshua Ligairi: CTS Podcast BONUS: Cleanflix

Midnight Corey’s The Electric Chair (horror movie audio and video podcast)

Boss Butcher’s Terror Troop Podcast

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We’d also like to thank The Dave Eaton Element and Dave Eaton himself for the use of his music for our theme song.

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3 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 032: Iron Man 3 (2013) and Mud (2013)

  1. Hey, I heard my name today! Yay!! #1 – my name is pronounced “neesu” – not obvious, I know…#2 – another great show! Haven’t seen either IM3 or Mud, but I want to! Hear you later!

  2. Hi guys,

    I see that you are fighting a little with how my first name should be pronounced, this is perhaps because it’s origin is in fact Polish and not Dutch. English equivalence is just Michael and its OK with me too :-)

    Coming back to Josh’s documentary “Cleanflix” and his answer during the show. First of all, downloading in The Netherlands is legal but for uploading count different rules, only copyrights owner can do this and not anybody who just own a copy. So Josh probably would be indeed the correct up-loader. As for a fact that he feels sorry for others who bought a copy and wont upload it — the uploaded film can be simply a password protected RAR archive and you can decide to send the password only to ones who pays for a copy (or is donating your show, etc). This way is just another distribution channel and could be a good addition, or ‘thank you’ for donation. Moreover it would stay on the internet “forever”, long after Netflix stops its streaming.

    By the way, IMHO distribution of digital contents will soon be only via internet. Music CDs are obsolete and already replaced by iTunes or similar outlets and DVD’s, BlueRays are next. I haven’t bought any DVD for years now simply because their cases just collect dust and it is hard to use them (first find it on shelf, put into the DVD player and then see that the disk is damaged ;-). I have an Network Attached Storage device with 15 TBytes which is good for roughly 1500 films in 1080p HD quality. The NAS device is just a box of about 10×20 cm and much handier than a bookshelf with 1500 movies in it. It can stream directly to my TV and offers beautiful user interface with fanart and reviews (your podcast can be probably linked to such interface too, just check for example the XBMC player). This is probably longer subject to consider, but again physical disks IMHO will be obsolete in the near future.

    Sorry for a little too long post, home theater and digital media is a hobby of myself, please visit my web site to check what I’m doing — maybe as movie enthusiasts it would interest you.

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