Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 081: Draft Day (2014) and Oculus (2014) and Joe (2014) and Enemy (2014)

Episode 081

Hi movie and sports fans! Episode 081 is probably the closest we’ve come (and will ever come) to a sports movie podcast episode. To help us review “Draft Day,” we’ve drafted special guest TJ CREMEANS of the Pour Sports Live Podcast. We also bring you Feature Reviews of “Oculus,” “Joe” and “Enemy.” And we can’t explain why, but this episode features a significant amount of fancy, 50-cent words and dictionary consultation. Oh, and we fight a lot, too … as usual. Join us!

Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts (and frequent guests), who give you their verdict on at least one new movie release that’s currently in theaters, mini reviews of what they’ve been watching lately and specialty recommendation segments. New episodes release every single Monday.

I. Intro

II. Mini Reviews:
Karl: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Fall (TV series)
Josh: Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Survivor
Andy: Sherlock Season 2, Disconnect
Jason: On ratings and the two-disc Special Edition DVDs of Citizen Kane

III. Feature Review: DRAFT DAY (2014)
Jason: 6.5 ( Theater / Rental )
TJ Cremeans: 7.5 ( Theater / Rental )

IV. Feature Review: JOE (2014)
Josh: 8 ( Rental )

V. Feature Review: OCULUS (2014)
Jason: 6 ( Theater / Rental )

VI. Feature Review: ENEMY (2014)
Josh: 7.5 ( Theater / Rental )

VII. Genre Recommendation Segments

ANDY’S ABSURD ASSOCIATIONS: Nicknames for Guns From the Movies:
“Little Friend”
“Old Painless”
“Old Betsy”
“The Peacemaker”

Climbing Movies That Don’t Totally Suck:
Touching the Void
The Eiger Sanction
127 Hours

Documentary: 30 for 30: June 17, 1994 (2010)

Crime: Con Air (1997)

Karl discusses changing his segment.

VIII. Listener Feedback
— Christian
— Que
— Martin

IX. Wrap-Up

We will be reviewing TRANSCENDENCE and CHEAP THRILLS.

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19 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 081: Draft Day (2014) and Oculus (2014) and Joe (2014) and Enemy (2014)

  1. Citizen Kane – 10/10 Just saw this for the first time last year. I saw so many shots and ideas that have inspires countless other films throughout the years. A must see for any cinephile. Buy.

    Con Air – 7.5/10 Nic Cage is hilarious and every role is cast brilliantly. The movie is straight nacho cheese and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Buy for multiple viewings.

    127 Hours – 9/10 Buy
    Vertical Limit – 6/10 Rent

    Great show again guys. A forum would be awesome, hope that develops in the future sometime. I saw a lot of recommendations I would like to check out soon. Also, Jason, I just saw Out of the Furnace. It’s a 9/10, buying it soon. Probably in my top 5 or so from last year.

  2. oh u Americans and your guns lol

    my capA opinions and rating is similar to karls by the way.

    to josh, willis gave it 9.5 and jay gave it 6.5, i think the whole world falls in between!

  3. Just wanted to check in and say to Karl, I saw “The Grandmaster” last week, per your recommendation a while back. Thanks. That was a great martial arts movie. The fight scenes were beautiful. I was pleased at the lack of hokey wire-work. I also thought the fights were more hard-hitting and less of a choreographed dance routine–thank goodness.

    The story was a bit disjointed for me; I wonder if there is an extended/alternate cut out there that fleshes out some of the weaker narrative moments…

    The second half of the movie was a bit underwhelming. But I suppose that is the problem with stories that are based on facts–you don’t always get that epic final action sequence. After finishing the film I actually went right back to the beginning to re-watch the opening fight scene in the rain. Man that was cool. Good pick. 7/10.

    • Those are both very different films from one another and from Enemy. First, I’d say that those are both masterpieces, and while I enjoyed Enemy (and expect I’ll enjoy it more on a re-watch), this is not in that league of intrigue, weirdness, or quality. There are brief moments that remind me of Mulholland Drive (as well as Lost Highway), but this feels more simple and far less dark. In some ways, I’d compare it to Brick as well (though I far prefer that film), but really, the closest thing I can compare it to tonally is probably Primer. This is far more expertly constructed than Primer, but doesn’t have the same impact for me. I don’t know. Clearly it is a hard movie to peg down. Wait, I’ve got it, Cache. That’s a great comparison, I think.

  4. For your 100’th episode I would love if you can review Game of Thrones (maybe together with your wives which would review books at the same time). It would be interesting to hear what do you think about the series and the differences between the series and novel. Does the changes make series more interesting to watch or are some aspects too difficult to film?
    One thing is nice, that at this moment even people who read the books don’t know for 100% what will happen in the season.

    • I think it is a great idea, but since none of us have seen even an episode of Game of Thrones as far as I know (or “tits and midgets” as my Producers call it), that may be a tall order before Episode 100. I wouldn’t mind checking it out eventually, though–if I can get my wife to watch it with me.

      • Josh, as far as I know some of you can easily review movies without watching them, moreover you are always able to invite someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Moreover, believe me this series is much more than tits and midgets. BTW, the midget person is one of the best character transformation I’ve ever seen in a movie, in very positive way.

          • Did I say tits and midgets? I meant soft-core Lord of the Rings…

            Wait, hold the phone, zombies?! Game of Thrones has zombies?! Why didn’t you say so? I’m in.

            I’m actually a huge fan of Peter Dinklage, and I’m not saying anything bad about the show. I’ve considered taking the plunge in and I’m very open to your idea.

            My main point is that I’m not optimistic that we’ll get to it in time for Episode 100, and I’d rather we do something for that episode that all of the hosts can participate in, rather than bring on a guest who knows about a show we haven’t seen to tell us.

            Really, thanks for the recommendation, though. It is good to hear what our listeners are interested in and all of us are guys who love to binge watch a TV show start to finish, so there is a definite possibility that this will happen in the near future.

  5. I have to see Enemy RIGHT NOW.

    Thanks for the recommend on that, Josh. A puzzle movie twice as challenging as Upstream Color could be a lot of fun!

    Regarding Film Sack, I completely disagree with Christian’s assessment of the show. They don’t trash movies to trash movies at all! The host may love one while the others don’t, Bryan Ibbot is quiet until he has something intelligent or hilarious to say, Brian Anderson tends to like most everything because he tries to find the good in all of it and Randy doesn’t seem to like much at all.

    Actually, this sounds kind of familiar…

    Saying that, I heard about their receiving an award and I thought of you guys believing that there must not have been a nom for MPW or Jay would have said something. But try out Film Sack. They pick shows based on the idea that a movie that’s well liked but critically reviled, was absolutely terrible or middle of the road may have something different to offer on another viewing and the results are often surprising. It’s really, really good and very funny.

    • I agree entirely. Film Sack is a cast that I discovered only because of the awards excerpt Jason included. I figured heck, if they won there must be something to it. Since then I’ve listened to probably a dozen of their casts already (I have a lot of down time at the job and school). They have a good flow there and I sincerely believe those guys love the movies. I think the deal with their podcast is similar to CTS, that’s all.

      Not to detract from MPW, my favorite podcast (the only one I’ve donated to) I like to broaden my horizons and hear all kinds of podcasts and opinions about films. MPW has down to earth reviews from a rag-tag professional bunch. The reviews are informative and entertaining. Film Sack is a guilty pleasure treasure trove. They revisit mostly cult classics to determine if they hold up. And Rope of Silicon, another fave, is very informative, in that they include insider perspective on film festivals, box office numbers and other stuff.

      Again though MPW is my favorite. I feel at home as soon as I hit play. Jason, Josh, Karl and Andy are my jam.

  6. Josh,

    It’s funny that you mentioned the Mexican directors, because I was about to suggest that you guys review Mexican horror movies at some point. I’ve read great things about movies like Alucarda, The Brainiac, and The Witch’s Mirror among others, and I’m super excited to see what the motherland has in store for me haha. I have added these and others to my Netflix dvd queue and I guess I’ll keep you guys posted.

  7. Jason, in case you have a problem to get your friend to add subscriptions to comments I can do it for you too. It is quite simple, all you need to do is install the Jetpack plugin and enable Subscriptions. It’s about 15 min job.

  8. Just finished watching Enemy after hearing Josh’s review via podcast. YEESH. Talk about a challenging movie. Super unsettling. In a good way. I think. I don’t know. I feel like there is something wrong with my brain. I’m hoping over the next couple of days my head will clear and I’ll be able to figure out what the hell I just watched.

    Until then, I give it an 8.
    It’s unlike anything I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for recommending.

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