Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 044: The Wolverine (2013) and The Way Way Back (2013)

Episode 044 is 2 hours and 19 minutes of fast-paced movie-related banter. In this episode we bring you another double-header review of “The Wolverine” and “The Way Way Back.” Our special guests for this episode are WILLIS WHEELER of the Terror Troop horror movie podcast and movie buff and fan-of-the-show, KEITH STEIN of Toronto, Canada.

We have a few surprises during this show, such as an impromptu discussion about Westerns, and a fairly decent list of off-the-cuff recommendations for listeners who are interested in exploring that genre. In fact, we discuss a wide variety of various genres in this episode. Download this episode and subscribe!

I. Intro

II. Mini Reviews:
Karl: The Searchers, and a discussion of notable Westerns
Willis Wheeler: Hulk Vs., The Evil Dead (1981), Blood on the Flat Track: The Rise of the Rat City Rollergirls
Jason: The Croods, Sexy Beast
Keith Stein: Searching for Sugar Man, Luther
Andy: Sinister
Josh: A&E’s Murder on the Orient Express, Romance & Cigarettes

III. Review of “The Wolverine”
Ratings and Recommendations for THE WOLVERINE
Jason = 5 ( Rental )
Karl = n/a
Andy = 5 ( Rental )
Josh = 6 ( Rental )
Willis Wheeler = 8 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Keith Stein = 6 ( Rental )

IV. Review of “The Way Way Back”
Ratings and Recommendations for THE WAY WAY BACK
Karl = 7 ( Rental )
Josh = 7 ( Rental )

V. Specialty Recommendation Segments

Andy’s Favorite Hugh Jackman Movie: Butter (2011)

Documentary: Burden of Dreams (1982)

Crime: Death Sentence (2007)

Manhunter (1986)

V. Wrap-Up

NEXT WEEK’S MOVIE: 2 Guns with special guest Anthony Bruno!

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Cinema Beef Podcast
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Willis on the NFW Movie Commentary Podcast (mostly horror-related)

Hear Josh on the Projection Booth Podcast: On Cleanflix

Josh recommends this clip of:
James Gandolfini in “Romance and Cigarettes”

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Especially for HORROR FANS: Horror Movie

Special thanks goes out to our special guests, Willis Wheeler and Keith Stein, for joining us. And we’d also like to thank all those who have written to us! We also want to thank singer-songwriter Frederick Ingram and the voice talents of Midnight Corey Graham from The Electric Chair Podcast, Willis Wheeler from the Terror Troop Podcast and Mr. Ron Baird for their help with our recommendation segment intros.

We’d also like to thank The Dave Eaton Element and Dave Eaton himself for the use of his music for our theme song.

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6 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 044: The Wolverine (2013) and The Way Way Back (2013)

  1. Hey Guys,

    I really enjoyed the show :) Great job!!! I especially enjoyed the comment, “I cried like a little girl.” Keep up the great work guys. You’re the best!

  2. So first I have to ask a question about your great state of Utah. I recently heard an interview with Maggie Grace of The To Do List. She grew up in Boise, Idaho and claimed they were three years behind the rest of America in terms of fashion, she claims that for people in Boise, Salt Lake City is a fashion Mecca, does that sound right?

    Your guest is from Canada and you talk about all these (not so) great things that came out of Canada, but no mention of Pontypool (until late in the show)?

    Whoever said Batman would get beat up by every single hero… yes, thank you.

    Attack the Block was the second best film of 2011, it deserves every bit of praise it got from you guys and then some.

    Daphne was hot, but Teela was hotter… need help with that one? Man-At-Arms daughter on Masters of the Universe.

    House of Sand and Fog… fantastic.

    I get how fanboys could love The Avengers, but I fail to see how those who don’t just want to see Iron Man and Hulk fight have so much love for it. It has one of the biggest flim flam plots of any of the Marvel films. Spider-man, Spider-man 2, Iron Man and even X2: X-Men United are far superior films in my opinion.

    Isn’t Steve Carrell sort of a a villain on The Office? He certainly isn’t nice. Also, he claims his dream is to become a Bond Villain.

    And yes Josh, I love Adventureland, best film of 2009 just ahead of Zombieland for me. I do want to see The Way Way Back.

    Haven’t seen The Wolverine yet, need to, glad to hear most think it is a step up from X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

  3. Now THAT is some solid feedback, Hammer. Love it!

    I have lived in Idaho, California, Hawaii, and Utah in the U.S. (as well as several European countries) and I will agree that when I was growing up Salt Lake City, Provo, Odgen, and Logan Utah were all average American towns while the rest of Utah and all of Idaho were like stepping in a 10-year time machine. I think the main reason is that they just had fewer stores, so whatever fashions had made their way mainstream enough to be at major outlets like JC Penny, Wal Mart, and Mervyns were what people had access to. The Gap wasn’t even in the mall in Idaho when I lived there, as an example. I think that has changed since I (and probably the screenwriter) grew up–definitely since the internet. Now, you can order whatever people in Paris are wearing and have it delivered to Boise in 2 days.

    I agree that Jason’s Canadian shout-outs were terrible. We should have talked about Pontypool and Cronenberg and Cameron and Reitmann and Egoyan and Maddin, etc etc etc. Or at the very least Seth Rogen. At least Keith brought up SCTV.

    I also agree with every other comment you made excerpt Carrell being a villain on The Office. He is extremely flawed, but he is the show’s hero.

  4. I haven’t listed to this podcast episode yet, but The Wolverine was a major let down. (1) The Wolverine-has-a-mosquito-on-his-heart thing that weakens him was just silly. I realize they were trying to put Wolverine in a new situation (i.e., evening the field by having him fight while weakened), but that’s not why I go to X-Men movies. I want to see them kick butt every time in an incredible way and not in run-of-the-mill ways (e.g., ALL of Captain America’s fight scenes). (2) Wolverine’s pansy issues with Jean/Phoenix are just annoying. I get the issues are a nod to his attitude in the comic books (and even the cartoon), but they don’t give Wolverine depth–or whatever they were trying to show. (3) And [spoiler alert!] Wolverine gets his claws chopped off? Ugh.

  5. 1. I generally I agree with you about the mosquito heart, Steven. But I thought it was a cool idea to have Wolverine on the outside of that fight scene yet still in mortal danger.
    2. I was wondering if the approach to the Jean stuff came from the movie THE GREY. Felt similarly constructed and that movie was such a surprise hit.
    3. I didn’t mind this or any of the other changes to what we’d expect from a Wolverine storyline. Found it a little refreshing. Although, that entire last section where it happens SUCKS.

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