Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 036: Now You See Me (2013) and After Earth (2013)

In another epic, 2-hour and 24-minute podcast episode, your hosts Jason, Karl and Josh are joined by filmmaker WILLIAM ROWAN JR. to review “Now You See Me” and “After Earth.”

And in addition to our usual Mini Reviews and Genre Recommendations, we bring you some movie news and various other discussions about watching movies on television, nostalgic viewing and our methods for selecting what we watch on Netflix Watch Instantly. We spend a good bit of time discussing Will and Jaden Smith and Gus Van Sant’s interesting film “Promised Land.” Join us — we think you’ll love it!

I. Intro
II. Movie News Items
– Anthony Bruno will be joining us again!
– Weekend Box Office: After Earth
– Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace movie “Behind the Candelabra” (2013)
– Arrested Development, Season 4
– Portia De Rossi’s new appearance

III. Mini Reviews:
Karl: W.E.
William Rowan Jr.: !Three Amigos!, Heckler
Josh: 30 Minutes or Less, The Company You Keep
Jason: (Las Vegas / CSI dream come true; Attack the Block), The Last Stand, Promised Land

IV. Review of “Now You See Me”
Ratings and Recommendations for NOW YOU SEE ME
Jason = 5.5 ( Rental )
Karl = 7 ( Rental )
Josh = 6 ( Theater / Rental )
William Rowan Jr. = 5.5 ( Rental )

V. Review of “After Earth”
Ratings and Recommendations for AFTER EARTH
Josh = 3.5 ( Avoid )
William Rowan Jr. = 5 ( Rental )

VI. Genre Recommendation Segments

Sci-Fi: Super 8 (2011)

Documentary: Gasland (2010)

Horror: Rogue (2007)

William Rowan Jr.’s Recommendations:
Heist movie: Snatch (2000)
Sci-Fi: Children of Men (2006)

VII. Wrap-Up

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: The Internship and The Purge with special guests John Perkins of and Jared Johnson of The Reel Doctors

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5 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 036: Now You See Me (2013) and After Earth (2013)

  1. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who watches movies on TV even though I have the movie on the shelf :)
    I enjoyed the Will and Jaden reviews :) You can’t get one without the other these days.
    Thanks for saving me some money on seeing those movies in the theater, as I like the trailers.

  2. Well, I am bummed that After Earth is so bad. I was hoping for a successful flick for Mr. Shyamalan. I feel sorry for that guy. I haven’t seen After Earth, but I am finding it hard to ignore the near-universal negative reviews. I guess I will save my money for Man of Steel. (That show is looking awesome, right?)

  3. I am excited to hear that Anthony Bruno wants to come back as a guest reviewer. I did not know who he was until the show about The Iceman and now I am anxious to hear more from him.

  4. Glad to be of help, Eric. Will needs to concentrate on his own work for awhile and push the baby bird out of the nest.

    I was also sorry to see see Night fail again, Vance. I’m a fan of aprox half of his filmography and have had high hopes for each of his films (sans Airbender).

  5. I was disappointed in After Earth…I pretty much agreed with all of you on your reviews…I tend to not be as critical on Sci-Fi and Horror films, so I didn’t hate it. It looked very pretty, but the movie had no real emotion and it’s plot had huge holes in it…sigh…
    Jason, you have to see Snatch!!! Make sure you have the subtitles on becuase some of the accents are really thick!

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