Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 042: Pacific Rim (2013) and Film Critic by Laremy Legel

For Episode 042, we are joined by special guest LAREMY LEGEL, esteemed film critic and author of the book “Film Critic: A Decade Behind the Scenes in the Movie Industry.” Laremy teams up with Karl and Andy, and they lambast Jason (quite humorously) for his lone-wolf opinion about Pacific Rim. And Josh joins the fray at the end of the show for our Mini Reviews section, which yields an epic battle with Andy over the documentary “Tabloid.” A must-listen episode — join us!

I. Intro

II. A brief discussion about “Sharknado” and a shout-out to Sean and his site, Eclectic Audio

III. Interview with author Laremy Legel about his book “Film Critic”

IV. Review of “Pacific Rim”
Ratings and Recommendations for PACIFIC RIM
Jason = 8 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Andy = 5 ( Rental )
Karl = 6.5 ( Theater / Rental )
Laremy Legel = 4.5 ( Theater / Avoid )

V. Mini Reviews:
Josh: Maverick, Far and Away, Field of Dreams, Grown Ups, Identity Thief, Morning Glory, Surveillance, Americana
Jason: The Guilt Trip, Sweatshop, Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan, Thale
Karl: Grown Ups 2, Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger, The Heat, Monsters University
Andy: Tabloid

VIII. Wrap-Up

NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: Red 2 and The Conjuring with some very special surprise guests…

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Jason highly recommends listening to next week’s guest, Laremy Legel, on The /Filmcast: After Dark Ep. 62: Should You Ever Lower Your Movie Expectations?

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9 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 042: Pacific Rim (2013) and Film Critic by Laremy Legel

  1. What??? No discussion about Robot Jox ( with Pacific Rim?? I’ve been pumped about seeing Pacific Rim ever since I saw the first trailer. I hope seeing what modern effects can do for the Robot Jox-like scenes makes up for the film’s plethora of shortcomings . . .

  2. Steve,
    I’m sorry to say that I STILL haven’t watched “Robot Jox,” despite your not-too-much-to-ask wishes… But this will make up for it:

    Don’t listen to these guys… Go see “Pacific Rim.” You’ll have such a blast! It is pure escapist entertainment, and it’s glorious. 8 out of 10. ( Theater / Buy it! )


  3. I feel like I should come to Jason’s defense cause you guys beat him up about Pacific Rim. Fyi you should watch out cause he knows karate :). This movie would bring out the inner boy in me as I would love those huge beasts. So who needs a coherent plot or dialog when you have beasts like that.
    6 lbs…nice job Jason. What’s your method?

  4. I’m sad I missed Laremy, but glad I got to listen-in anyway and contribute to the “epic battle” at the end of the episode. I’ve got to say, if Andy had really listened to my review of TABLOID back in Episode 21, he’d have known exactly what he was getting himself into because I lay it all out there: The recommendation begins at 1:16:48. And I didn’t “skate over it” as Jason suggested. I’m also very happy with my consistency, as I did in fact give the film an 8.5 way back when. Bam.

  5. Also, my apologies to Chrisexcess for the lack-luster Surveillance review. I think the comment about Jennifer being better than her dad just stuck in my craw because he is a mad genius and, while she made a solid thriller, SURVEILLANCE didn’t stand out to me as particularly special. But, my rating was probably too low and my criticism a bit too harsh. I can absolutely see why someone would connect with the film. Particularly after watching the deleted scene and commentary on the DVD. The themes working in the background of this film are pretty strong and there is a lot of fun to be had in the film before it reaches its twisted pinnacle that turned me off. So, I hope I wasn’t too abrasive for you. I always hate it when I love and recommend a film and then others don’t appreciate. As illustrated with Andy and TABLOID and probably coming up with Jason and UPSTREAM COLOR on Movie Stream Cast. Thanks for the recommend, Chris. I don’t regret owning the DVD.

  6. Just saw Pacific Rim the big screen. I agree with the podcast comments about the thin story line (To name a few: Our last resort is building walls that aren’t tall enough? Why do the Jaegers fight without air support?? The guns and missiles worked for a time, so why not have the Kaiju bombarded why getting the crap kicked (or punched) out of them by Jaegers? And why the heck can’t the pilots stay the freak away from the monster swinging appendages when firing MISSILES that will find their own target?? That’s as dumb as when movie dragons come close enough to the ground for humans to bother them.), cheesy acting (e.g., ‘We’re CANCELING the apocalypse!’), and oddly long middle portion where I found myself wondering what I should eat for dinner tonight rather than paying attention. But any scene with the Kaiju and Jaegers was absolutely amazing and visually stunning. They looked so real! I liked the newest Star Trek movie, it was good (but not awesome). Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, Man of Steel all flopped in terms of entertaining action movies. I would argue that even Olympus Has Fallen was better than those three. But Pacific Rim was the first summer action movie that had me on the edge of my seat as they rolled out the action. Warts included, it was well worth seeing in theaters!

  7. 9 movies ever are masterpieces? I don’t think grossing should be part of the equation. If it should, it should be more like making x times what it cost to make, in my opinion. Here’s the thing about robots fighting hand-to-hand, they do it because if you need to deliver missiles, you kinda don’t need robots, but they wanted robots. I’m pretty surprised to hear that the guys at /Filmcast liked this film after listening to your review. I thought they were stuffier reviewers than that… don’t get me wrong, they’re good, just didn’t know they were down with lowering expectations like Jay :) I might have missed something because I thought Laremy said Pacific Rim would lose money despite making around $500 million worldwide, it surely didn’t cost that much to make did it? I love that Cruise’s Irish accent was so bad it made Karl want to slash out his eyeballs rather than do something to his ears, that must have been a really bad accent. I’m glad to hear that Josh hated Grown-Ups, I thought it was terrible as well. It just wasn’t funny to me at all really. Interested to hear thoughts on the Sandler film Reign Over Me, I haven’t watched it recently but I loved it when I first saw it. It co-stars Don Cheadle. Thanks for the great show guys.

  8. You guys should check out Guillermo Del Toro on KCRW’s The Treatment. He seems to be describing a different film than you all described. It would fuel Jason’s fire and give the rest of you a good eye roll.

  9. Didn’t see REIGN. I do like Sandler in many films, though. Just not in the ones he produces for the last several years.

    I heard Del Toro talking to Elvis Mitchell. The film he is talking about sounds AMAZING !!! Cant want to check it out.

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