Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 011: Playing for Keeps (2012)

It’s a first on Movie Podcast Weekly, but for Episode 011, your favorite movie critics review a romantic comedy — “Playing for Keeps,” starring Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel.

But if romantic comedies aren’t your thing, we’d still recommend listening to Episode 011, because we cover quite a few noteworthy topics that should interest any movie-lover, such as:
— the lowest grossing film ever
— box office surprises and anomalies this December
— genuine concerns about “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”
— and more!

I. Intro
II. Mini Reviews:
Jason: Zyzzx Rd (2006), Take Shelter (2011)
Andy: Holy Matrimony (1994), The Help (2011), Manic (2001)
Karl: Anna Karenina (2012), Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001), Love Actually (2003)
Ratings and Recommendations for PLAYING FOR KEEPS
Jason = 4 ( Avoid )
Andy = 4 ( Rental )
Karl = 5.5 ( Rental )
IV. Trailer Talk:
The Guilt Trip
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Star Trek Into Darkness
V. Wrap-Up

NEXT WEEK’S MOVIE: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with special guest DAVE “DR. SHOCK” BECKER from Land of the Creeps and DVD

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7 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 011: Playing for Keeps (2012)

  1. Things I didn’t think I would hear today: Bridget Jones Diary and great in the same sentence. That said, I guess I could buy it since it’s only 50 cents at the Half-Price Books Outlet. Andy… you’re lack of enthusiasm for Holy Matrimony has made it hard for me to finish my Patricia Arquette filmography. On your point about youth and disappointment… a local girls’ high school basketball team just beat another team 107-2, yes 2, and now the indiana high school athletic association is talking about a “mercy rule.” A mercy rule in high school? I could rant for an hour on that but that is beyond stupid to me.

  2. Hammer,
    Two things:
    1. For the record, you didn’t hear Jason Pyles saying “Bridget Jones’s Diary ” was great. Nor will you ever.
    2. Regarding Jessica Biel movies… But have you seen “The Tall Man”? I haven’t seen the new “Total Recall” yet, either, so I suppose that could be a contender.

  3. I have not seen The Tall Man, though I want to, but have you seen The Illusionist or no? If not, I recommend it highly, seriously in my top 15-20 all-time.

  4. Hammer,
    Yes, I have seen “The Illusionist,” though I think “The Prestige” is twice as good. Have you seen that? “The Prestige” is a literal cinematic magic trick in and of itself. I believe “The Tall Man” is streaming on Netflix, but “High Lane” is priority viewing first!

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