Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 074: 3 Days to Kill (2014) and Pompeii (2014) and Winter’s Tale (2014)

This episode is dedicated to our friend and supporter Jeff Hammer.

Welcome to Episode 074 of “the Mighty Phoenix” Movie Podcast Weekly. This week Jason, Andy and Karl review “3 Days to Kill,” “Pompeii” and “Winter’s Tale.” We also fight about baseball and Breaking Bad, and we talk about 24 and House of Cards Season 2. Don’t miss it!

Movie Podcast Weekly features four hosts (and frequent guests), who give you their verdict on at least one new movie release that’s currently in theaters, mini-reviews of what they’ve been watching lately, and specialty recommendation segments. New episodes release every single Monday.

I. Intro
— Josh is in New York City
— Donut Show comment from Julian
— Results from Ep. 073’s poll question about Son of God
— Jason’s podcast production: MoviePodcastWeekly ( AT ) gmail ( DOT ) com

II. Mini Reviews
Karl: The Lego Movie, About Last Night, House of Cards Season 2
Jason: Batman: Gotham Knight
Andy: Breaking Bad

III. Feature Review: POMPEII (2014)
Jason: 5.5 ( Rental )

IV. Feature Review: 3 DAYS TO KILL (2014)
Andy: 6 ( Rental )

V. Feature Review: WINTER’S TALE (2014)
Jason: 2.5 ( Avoid )

VI. Genre Recommendation Segments

3 Kevin Costner Films That Are Better Than 3 Days to Kill:
1. Mr. Brooks (2007)
2. The Untouchables (1987)
3. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)

Mystery: The Black Hole (1979)

Crime: Rashomon (1950)

VII. Wrap-Up

NEXT WEEK: OSCARcast and Non-Stop and Son of God and The Broken Circle Breakdown. Our special guests for Episode 075 will be DAVE “DR. SHOCK” BECKER of DVD and GEEK CAST RY of the Geek Cast Live Podcast.

In addition to thanking Jeff Hammer for his donation, we’d also like to express continued appreciation to Shane and Michal for their continued support.

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32 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 074: 3 Days to Kill (2014) and Pompeii (2014) and Winter’s Tale (2014)

  1. Keeping in mind the sheer lack of care I have for both Batman and/or Superman And knowing Andy that you won’t respond to me here ( although I do hope to see you Sunday) I will weigh in with my thoughts on the now epic Batman vs Superman debate.

    They both suck. Yet I remain stalwart in the defense of Batman as the victor.

          • Ry,
            You can get a photo (or “Gravatar”) next to your name in comments by going to and associating a pic with your e-mail address. Then always use that e-mail address when you leave a comment.


            P.S. When you comment on your own podcast Web site (as I’m doing here), you have to LOG OUT of your Admin account, in order for your Gravatar to show up properly…

        • I agree, I hate how DC has such infatuation with Superman and Batman. I’m a Flash guy. I also liked Green Lantern but without even seeing it I know they pretty much destroyed that character with the film.

          • See i think that where DC and Warner Brothers is missing the boat is that they aren’t making movies where the villain is the main character. The Penguin needs his own movie, Darkseid needs his own movie. Their rogues gallery is stronger than their superheroes. Also look….Gravatar

    • I think he got Batman mixed up with Spider-Man for a second there. And since we’re on the who could beat who argument, I’ll go ahead and say that Spider-Man is a pretty prepared guy and has powers and no such weakness as debilitating as kryptonite is to Superman. Thus… Spidey creates Kryptonite-laced webbing and beats Superman and Batman. Also the female X-Men characters alone would mop the floor with the Justice League.

  2. I always find it interesting when people look at a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and say, it’s not that good but it’s an 8. By giving it an 8, Karl is part of that 98%, as is Jason’s 6.5. Rotten Tomatoes scores are just saying 98% give it a 6 or better, a fresh rating. It’s why Rotten Tomatoes is misleading, I’d just look at Metacritic.

  3. Oh and Jason, I laughed when you said you saw Paul W.S. Anderson’s name come across the screen. I noticed last week he’s never directed a Rotten Tomatoes certified “Fresh” film.

  4. Hi guys,

    I’m an avid fan from the Philippines. You guys really do a great job here! Might I suggest that you do the spoiler portion again? That way, we get to have an interesting in-depth review on the movies you watched with no holds barred. You get what I mean? I remember you once had this kind of set-up during the Fall of Olympus episode if I’m not mistaken. Oh well, I really love your podcast! Keep on, guys!

    My thoughts on this episode…

    For Andy on Batman vs Superman, watch DC’s animated feature Dark Knight Returns particularly part 2… you’ll see.

    Having said that, maybe you guys should include someone who is a comic geek into your roster given that superhero movies are really mainstream nowadays. What do you think? Oh wait… call in Willis Wheeler!

    Movie suggestions:
    1. Oldboy 2003 (Original Korean Film)
    2. Oldboy 2013 (Hollywood Remake)

    I suggest someone should watch the movies in different order. Like maybe Carl and Andy would watch Oldboy 2003 then Oldboy 2013, and Jason and Josh will have the reverse order. You might ask why… but I figured these two movies will have different reactions and views in an interesting way. It would generate a good discussion like what if I watched the remake first, how would I respond to the movie? Things like that. But anyway, I hope you’ll consider this.

    Thanks and more power!

  5. Random niggling question: How come Midnight Corey Graham and Willis Wheeler get so much love from Jay, but we never hear him say whose voice that is in the bumper for Robotic Romances with Karl Huddleston? I guess Karl is an actor. Maybe he recorded his own bumper?

    • I can’t tell if you’re serious or not, Cody. But assuming you’re serious, the reason a person isn’t credited for Karl’s intro voice is because it’s not an actual person… It’s from a text-to-speech generator I found online. I typed out the words of the intro, and the site generated it. Very cool.

  6. Another great show, although totally missed Josh’s input during the Rashomon conversation! It’s a fantastic movie! Batman Gotham Knight is a fantastic manga (sg) take on the Dark Knight. I’m looking forward to watching the new Robocop, thanks for the recommendation from last show. And Andy and Karl are wrong! Batman is the coolest and yes, in a straight up fight, Superman would win, but there is no way Batman would let that happen…it’s a more interesting story if Batman wins…Superman’s a big boyscout…I had the same question, though, when was Emma Stone Batman’s girlfriend? Karl, did you like the first season of House of Cards? I only have the last episode to go in the first season and I love it! Despite it’s despicable characters it’s very entertaining and riveting! I agree with Josh and Andy that you would love Breaking Bad! And yeah, I thought Winter’s Tale looked stupid and I’m glad Josh took the hit on that one. I love your show and keep us the good work! I think Sliverado is Conster’s best movie…(only because it’s one of my favorites and I’m not a big fan of his…)

  7. So I wanted to let you all know my top 10 prior to The Oscars . We’ll start with honorable mentions: 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska, Philomena and Prisoners all at 4/5 stars (based on my ratings site if choice, Letterboxd) or adjusted to your 10 point scale (minus halves) 8/10.

    The Top 10 Films of 2013 cause Hammer said so :)
    10: Star Trek Into Darkness
    9: The Broken Circle Breakdown
    8: The Act of Killing
    7: About Time
    6: Fruitvale Station
    5: Saving Mr. Banks
    4: The Place Beyond The Pines
    3: American Hustle
    2: Spring Breakers- Gotta see it Jay!
    1: Her

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