Movie Podcast Weekly Halloween BONUS: The Shining (1980) and Room 237 (2013)

In this special Halloween bonus episode of Movie Podcast Weekly, we deviate from our normal format and bring you a creepy double-feature review: The landmark adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining and a new documentary, Room 237, that explores the many conspiracy theories surrounding Kubrick’s classic film.

In addition to being the first MPW non-premium bonus episode, this also marks the special occasion of the four horseman podcasting together—in-person—for the first time ever! That’s right, Jason, Karl, Andy, and Josh were all finally in the same room together—Chad Downey’s beautiful home theater to be exact—and we have a podcast to prove it.

We screened the two films back to back and then sat down with Chad to give you our two cents. We hope this enhances your Halloween season.

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Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 055: Captain Phillips (2013) and Escape From Tomorrow (2013) and Hell Baby (2013) and Bad Milo! (2013)

In Episode 055 of Movie Podcast Weekly, Jason and Josh welcome back Karl, but lose Andy to the backwood roads of West Virginia. Still, the three trudge on with 4 feature reviews including the Tom Hanks Oscar-bait, “Captain Phillips,” the dizzying Disney guerrilla film “Escape From Tomorrow,” and gross-out horror comedies “Hell Baby,” and “Bad Milo,” yielding a truly lengthy (if not epic) episode.

And you’ve heard about his amazing home theater again and again on the show, but now is your chance to meet the man himself when we welcome our special guest for Episode 055, CHAD DOWNEY.

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Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 050: Riddick (2013) and Sharknado (2013) and Prince Avalanche (2013) and The Grandmaster (2013) and Four New Top 10 Lists

Congratulations to us! We’ve hit EPISODE 050, and we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of our launch (a couple of weeks early) with this 3 hour and 22-minute show! We hope you’ll permit us a little navel-gazing and come along with us and celebrate with some reminiscing and tangents and weirdness. But we get down to business, too:

EPISODE 050 gives you four feature reviews: Riddick (2013), Sharknado (2013), Prince Avalanche (2013) and The Grandmaster (2013). And then your four favorite movie podcast hosts have four new Top 10 film lists for you! Andy brings you his Top 10 current working actresses under the age of 50 (in his humble opinion), and Karl Huddelston delivers his Top 10 movie soundtracks / scores and why they make the film better, and Joshua Ligairi gives us his Top 10 Best working directors under 50 years old, and Jason Pyles declares his Top 10 Most Influential Films on the Cinema Itself (of the last 50 years)!

This episode is dedicated to Michal and Dorota Rutka, Mr. Scott Teal and all our listeners… Thank you!

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