Movie Podcast Weekly BONUS: Reviewing 2,500 Movies in 7 Years for a DVD Infatuation

BONUS Episode

It’s difficult to even find estimates of how many movie review blogs and websites exist on the Internet. Perhaps no one has dared to attempt a head-count. But just to provide some context, as I write these show notes, there are presently more than 1 billion, 39 million live websites on the Internet. So, I would speculate that at least 39 million of those are movie review blogs. I’m kidding, of course.

The actual figure is probably much higher…

Despite the incalculable number of movie sites, there is one man whose movie-reviewing efforts truly stand out: This BONUS episode of Movie Podcast Weekly consists of an interview with the most prolific film reviewer that I know personally, Mr. Dave Becker (aka “Dr. Shock”) of Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia. I found Dave and his remarkable blog at DVD on Twitter in 2010, the year he endeavored to review one film a day — every single day — until he reached his goal of watching and reviewing 2,500 movies. Continue reading

Movie Podcast Weekly Halloween BONUS: The Shining (1980) and Room 237 (2013)

In this special Halloween bonus episode of Movie Podcast Weekly, we deviate from our normal format and bring you a creepy double-feature review: The landmark adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining and a new documentary, Room 237, that explores the many conspiracy theories surrounding Kubrick’s classic film.

In addition to being the first MPW non-premium bonus episode, this also marks the special occasion of the four horseman podcasting together—in-person—for the first time ever! That’s right, Jason, Karl, Andy, and Josh were all finally in the same room together—Chad Downey’s beautiful home theater to be exact—and we have a podcast to prove it.

We screened the two films back to back and then sat down with Chad to give you our two cents. We hope this enhances your Halloween season.

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