Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 170: The Big Short (2015) and the Top 10 Movies of 2015

Episode 170

Happy New Year’s Eve and happy 2016 this week! To celebrate, we have brought you a party in a podcast! What are the best movies of 2015? Your friends here at Movie Podcast Weekly (and the MPW listenership) are here to tell you. We bring you four Top 10 best lists from the hosts and a collective Top 10 list from our listenership. We had the potential of bringing you 50 strong recommendations, but we’ve had some overlap, naturally, so you get 27 various picks among these Top 10 lists! Formerly known as our “The Best Movies of [Year]” list, this is MPW’s official Top 10 Movies of 2015 show. In Episode 170, we also bring you a Feature Review of The Big Short, with special guest Rob Booker (of The Traders Podcast). Join us, and feel free to post your end-of-the-year movie lists in the comments for this episode. Thanks for a great year!

This episode is generously sponsored by Eric E., David W., Josh G., Christian B., Steve R., Vance K., and Dino T. Thank you. Heroes all… Continue reading

Geeked Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 152: American Ultra (2015) and Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) and Grandma Shanghai (2015) and the Geek Cast Takeover

Episode 152

After 151 episodes, it has happened… Movie Podcast Weekly has been usurped, and for Episode 152, your favorite movie podcast has been taken over by a DJ, a Holy Man, a Geek and a Guy Named Nic! That’s right! The crew from the Geek Cast Live Podcast is hosting MPW this week — and to return the disservice with a little turnabout and fair play — your usual MPW hosts (minus Ryan) have gone and taken over the Geek Cast Live Podcast! For those children of the ’80s, this is very much a Coy and Vance type of situation…

In this episode of Movie Podcast Weekly, the Geek Cast brings you Feature Reviews of American Ultra and Hitman: Agent 47. They also bring you a CTS-style concept discussion where they consider the conundrum of the box office draw of original content versus already established intellectual properties adapted to film. The Geeks have a fascinating discussion about what this dichotomy is doing to the movie industry. Join us! Continue reading