CASTERS: A Podcast About Podcasting – Part 1 of 2

Casters Part 1

Welcome to Episode 001, Part 1 of 2, of William Rowan Jr.’s Casters: A Podcast About Podcasting, with special guest Jason Pyles. Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast, and then quickly wondered, ‘Where would I even start?’ Then you’re in luck! William Rowan Jr. and Jason Pyles have many years of podcasting experience between them, and they have an in-depth discussion on the basic elements of podcasting and what you need to be aware of and think about before you hit the record button.

In this episode, William and Jason cover the concept and the hook of your podcast, knowing your audience, co-hosts and how important it is to be flexible with them and your podcast, the naming of your podcast, we declare what the most important thing you should do before you do any other step, advertising, formatting segments and intro / outros, the duration, and the need for a consistent release schedule of your podcast. So, sit back and enjoy the most comedic yet very informative podcast about podcasting you have ever heard. Continue reading