CASTERS: A Podcast About Podcasting – Part 1 of 2

Casters Part 1

Welcome to Episode 001, Part 1 of 2, of William Rowan Jr.’s Casters: A Podcast About Podcasting, with special guest Jason Pyles. Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast, and then quickly wondered, ‘Where would I even start?’ Then you’re in luck! William Rowan Jr. and Jason Pyles have many years of podcasting experience between them, and they have an in-depth discussion on the basic elements of podcasting and what you need to be aware of and think about before you hit the record button.

In this episode, William and Jason cover the concept and the hook of your podcast, knowing your audience, co-hosts and how important it is to be flexible with them and your podcast, the naming of your podcast, we declare what the most important thing you should do before you do any other step, advertising, formatting segments and intro / outros, the duration, and the need for a consistent release schedule of your podcast. So, sit back and enjoy the most comedic yet very informative podcast about podcasting you have ever heard.


— Meet the hosts (William Rowan Jr. and the special guest host, Jason Pyles).

[00:10:40] What this podcast is all about and the backstory behind it.

[00:16:00] Getting to know Jason Pyles better and his podcast history.

[00:45:20] We begin the discussion of the basic starting points of podcasting 101.

[00:50:00] The CONCEPT of your podcast.

[00:52:00] The HOOK of your podcast.

[1:14:44] KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. What do you want them to take away from your podcast?

[1:17:25] Pre-talk about co-hosts and how important it is to be flexible with them and your podcast.

[1:24:40] The NAMING of your podcast.

[1:42:00] THE MOST IMPORTANT PRE-STEP OF 101 PODCASTING! Listen to lots of podcasts, “take notes, and pay attention to the things you like and the things you don’t like, and make sure you’re not doing the things that annoy you as a listener, and incorporate the things that you love as a listener.”

[1:43:20] Pre-talk about ADVERTISING on your podcast.

[1:50:25] The FORMATTING (Segments & Intro / Outros) of your podcast.

[2:11:05] The DURATION and CONSISTENT RELEASE SCHEDULE of your podcast.

[2:24:47] The Wrap-Up:

8 Valses poeticos – 8. Presto (Guitar arr. By Edson Lopes)



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More about William Rowan Jr:
William Rowan Jr. has lived in Utah for the past 26 years, the last 15 of which have been professionally working in the local independent film industry. He also has a degree from Utah Valley University in Cinema Production.

He not only specializes in micro-budget filmmaking, but also in bringing together creative artists with eager investors to make successful projects. He has produced / written / filmed / directed music videos, reality TV sizzle reels, documentaries, narratives, and original screenplays. He prides himself on staying within budget, on schedule, and with working with the best and brightest. He’s a true right-brain plus left-brain person.

William is a permanent co-host of THE SCI-FI PODCAST, which focuses on in-depth discussion of all things Science Fiction. Each episode they look at a science fiction theme or franchise and take it where no show has gone before!

William is a frequent guest on MOVIE PODCAST WEEKLY, which is a weekly movie review podcast where a Film Critic, an Actor, a Geek, and a guy named Andy review at least one new release that’s currently in theaters every single Tuesday by 8 a.m. Eastern time.

William is a rotating co-host of MOVIE STREAM CAST, which is a weekly film podcast covering streaming content that helps you manage your queues by telling you to “stream it,” “queue it,” or “skip it.”

William is an occasional guest on HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, a bi-weekly horror movie review podcast that releases every other Friday. Hosted by Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh Ligairi, Dr. Shock and Dr. Walking Dead himself, Kyle Bishop.

William is also the host of the Movie Moments Podcast, which is a short form Podcast, where the host and typically one guest, will separately choose their favorite and/or personal meaningful moment from the same previously agreed-upon movie, and then discuss why that moment means so much to them. It’s also a chance for me (and the listening audience) to get to know the guest better on a more personal level. COMING SOON!

CONTACT INFO for William Rowan Jr:
Galano Productions:
IMDb: William Rowan Jr.

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Twitter: @IcarusArts
Josh covers streaming movies on: Movie Stream Cast
Hear Josh on The SciFi Podcast
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21 thoughts on “CASTERS: A Podcast About Podcasting – Part 1 of 2

  1. If I could offer some constructive criticism, dial back on the clips and flashbacks. Especially in the first nine minutes, it seemed as if all but a sentence or two were flashbacks. It made it difficult to remember what was being discussed in the “Live” portion of the show. I like Josh as much as the next guy (Assuming the next guy isn’t Redcap Jack), there was a lot of time devoted to his clips when he’s not even on the show.

    The actual topic of this podcast is interesting, but I wish we could get to that topic quicker.

    • Sal Roma,

      I think your right about the first nine minutes… and I appreciate your insights. I will make sure to take what you said in consideration for Part Two of the episode. I guess I knew and thought Josh would come up a lot and I wanted to give him the proper introduction.
      And I became so consumed and overwhelmed with the editing, that I missed the obvious.
      Regardless, I’m just so glad you listened to it, and I hope it was enjoyable otherwise.

      • I think it was wise to explain who Josh was for those who may be unfamiliar with him. I do find it a bit annoying when a podcast mentions a third party and then doesn’t give any context as to who they are. I would have preferred you and Jay to explain who Josh is and if necessary, share a couple of horrifyingly embarrassing anecdotes about him. It’s “Off-topic” but it’s still a part of the “Live” portion of the show, so you’re not disrupting the flow of the podcast.

        I was thinking that maybe you were just trying to experiment and practice doing podcasting editing since you’re new to being a podcast producer. In which case, even if I’m not a fan of doing so many clips, if it’s helping you become more and more comfortable at being a producer, then there is a positive purpose to doing it.

        If it’s available, I do think that things like your podcast with Josh about the local indie Utah scene, other podcasts that didn’t get off of the ground, or the old Considering the Sequels podcast would be a nice addition to the Movie Podcast Network patreon account.

        • Hi Sal,
          Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it. Regarding the Considering the Sequels Podcast, all 26 episodes of that puppy will be made available again in 2018. (And I’d like to thank the donors to MPW and HMP for enabling that to happen. We couldn’t do it without you!)

          In the meantime, I’m catching up the MPW releases, and we’ve got some KILLER patron episodes coming up soon that we’ve been working on. And there’s also the 2017 MeetUp in SLC on Oct. 14. Yeah, 2017 is wild!

          But don’t worry! CTS Podcast is coming back for everyone, if you’re willing to subject yourself to it… It is not advised… ha ha


  2. I actually enjoyed the clips and flashbacks, once I settled in I kind of figured out where and when I was. It was cool to hear all of the different intros. Thanks for this cast. For a longtime listener of many of the different podcasts referenced, it was interesting and insightful.

    • Thanks, B-Rye. We’re glad you enjoyed it. When I heard William’s final edit with all the TLC he put into it, I couldn’t even calculate how much time it must have taken him to look it, prepare and insert those into the edit.

      FYI… This is kind of fascinating to me…
      To produce one 2-hour episode of MPW (with editing and trailer inserts), it takes me about 5 hours per episode. And to produce one 3-hour episode of HMP (which has more parts than MPW), it takes me about 10 hours. So, I estimated that if I were to try to re-create what William has done here, it would take me at least 80 to 100 hours (no kidding!) ha ha I’m slow, and he’s a master editor, so I’m sure he was faster, but I couldn’t even fathom pulling this kind of post-production off. ha ha WRjr has some serious skillz…


      • Which makes me feel bad for not liking all of the clips/flashbacks because even without knowing how long it took William to edit the podcast (Which has to be even longer since he’s likely still familiarizing himself with the process), it’s clear that he put in a ton of effort and time into the episode.

        • No sweat, Sal. That’s fair enough. We get where you and others are coming from. Thanks for listening and appreciating William’s artistic and creative efforts!

  3. In regards to ads in podcasts, the ones that come up before a podcast begins can be pretty frustrating especially if all you’re trying to do is figure out if you’ve listened to that particular episode or not. The best start of the ep ads I’ve heard on a podcast are from the No Sleep Podcast. Each ep begins with an ad that lasts about two and a half minutes, but since they create a little horror fictional story to incorporate the ad into, it doesn’t entirely feel like an ad. It feels like the first horror story of the episode, just one that is overloaded with product placement. If they ran that lengthy of an ad and it wasn’t manufactured in such a way that it was also a story, I don’t know if I would still bother listening to the podcast.

    My biggest issue with ads in the middle of a podcast is when the placement isn’t carefully considered. I’ve listened to some podcasts where the ad was inserted in the middle of someone speaking which is just awful. If you’re going to have ads in the middle of a podcast, ideally use them to break up segments.

    • I think I have memorized certain ads that the podcasters on certain casts have to do. I can pretty much recite ads such as Casper mattresses and hello fresh. I have to say they worked on me a little as I routinely order hello fresh and blue apron. Haha. It can be frustrating but I’m sure they got to do what they got to do to keep their site up and running.

    • Hi Sal,
      There is no good reason, really. I’m old enough that I still come from the telephone book era, where everything was alphabetical order and people named businesses “Apex ______” and “Aardvark _______,” just so they could be listed first.

      Alpha order doesn’t really matter so much in the digital age, but I was still superstitious about starting with a “W.” ha ha

      — J

      • Since names were so important to you, did you have any back-up name choices for MPW, HMP or any of your older podcasts that didn’t survive? Or if MPW and HMP were your back-up choices, what were your original name ideas that were already taken by other people?

        Also, what was the mindset behind going with Horror Metropolis for your second horror podcast name? It always stood out as a bit unusual that your first attempt at a horror podcast had a very straight forward name (Although a tad bit wordy) in The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast, then you switched to a name that had a more grandeur sounding to it with Horror Metropolis, but then you went back to having a very straight forward and simple name in HMP.

  4. Hi guys, this is a great idea and all…. but I’m currently at minute 16 of listening and am about ready to mortally wound both of you :) waaaaaay too many clips and sound effects! If there has been any real content or discussion it’s totally lost. I want to give you guys the benefit of the doubt so I’m hanging on to see if it gets better, but don’t think I’ll last much longer – update: 23 minute mark and I’m out, I just can’t listen to this and I did want to hear you talking about your podcasts.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Magsie. That’s totally cool if it’s not your thing. We understand.

    For me personally, I realized that William (who has a documentary filmmaking background) was channeling the random “inserted humor” of works like Monty Python skits and “The Family Guy,” and I appreciate what he was going for.

    For instance, have you ever seen the “Family Guy” episode where they go around the room and say, “Oh, no!” — new character, “Oh, no!” — new character, “Oh, no!” and then cut to the Kool-Aid man bursting through the wall saying, “Oh, yeah!” Ha ha ha Masterful and random, inserted humor!

    There are two equally great moments in this podcast of William’s that I really appreciated on that same level. (You may not have made it this far into the show.)

    1. There’s a moment when William is talking about there being podcasts for every niche or interest, and to demonstrate his point, he plays a clip from “The Pen Addict” podcast, a show hosted by a guy who loves ink pens — hard. So great!

    2. Then there’s a moment where I randomly pull a number out of thin air and refer to “Episode 497,” and what William does there cracked me up. Brilliance.

    Anyway, we understand that this Monty Python-style “insert humor” may not be for everyone, but we thank you, Magsie, for giving it a try, anyway. And thanks for your comment.


    • Thanks for your reply Jason,
      I definitely got what William was going for stylistically and, in general, am a fan of it (I love the Kool-Aid man scene and the Family Guy chicken fights are maybe the most brilliant thing ever) – and I appreciate all of the work that went into editing the show. It’s clear from both your and William’s podcasts that you guys know what you’re doing and have a lot of great experience to share. Perhaps the problem is that I can only listen to podcasts while I’m working so at least part of my brain needs to be paying attention to what I get paid to do :) and I found the length of the clips were actually making it harder to keep the thread of your conversation in mind. A couple of times I thought itunes had skipped to another episode without my noticing. The only reason that I commented is that I really am interested to hear about your collective experiences with podcasting and am very hopeful for the next episode. Sorry if I offended with my comments.

  6. Thank you. this is just what I’m looking for. Can you cover things like How you actually record podcasts. Like mixers, recording software, editing software, how to get started on a budget. Are free download programs worth the time? I want to start a podcast in the new year and have an episode and a half worth of notes or script really. I purchased an 8 track mixer and am trying to teach myself how to use it. Also how do I get my pod online once it’s all done?

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