Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 226: Lion (2017) and Rings (2017)

Ep 226 - Lion 2017 and Rings 2017 poster art

The Most Offensive Family-Friendly Podcast braves another discussion about race, immigration and other hot-button topics in Episode 226 of Movie Podcast Weekly. We know, we know… but we got word that some people found some of the remarks made during Episode 223 offensive, so we wanted to address it as our resident night manager of 7-Eleven oversaw the proceedings. We hope all will listen (especially those who found Ep. 223 offensive).

We also bring you the regular business of Feature Reviews. This week we review Lion (2017) and Rings (2017). Additionally, you’ll hear our thoughts on the biggest football game of the year and we define the meaning of the phrase “Revenge Netflix.” Join us, unless you’re … chicken. Continue reading