MPW Blog: Two Trailers That Are Harbingers of Doom for American Cinema – by Jason Pyles

Harbingers of Doom

I realize that most of the people who listen to Movie Podcast Weekly or read this blog article are probably younger than I am. Yes, I’m 39 years old, and I promise if you hang with me through this article, my argument will amount to more than just a crotchety old man lamenting that “the times are a changing.”

If you’ve rolled your eyes or you’re bored already, then GET OFF MY LAWN!

The cinema has been evolving and changing ever since the very first motion pictures, circa 1895. Some historians peg the birth year at 1896, but I’ve mentioned both to cover my bases.

As remarkable as it seems, filmmakers and technicians are continually innovating and improving upon the techniques and technology behind film art.

To be clear, I believe this is exactly as it should be. Continue reading