MPW Blog: The Next Great Franchise – by Geek Cast Ry

Harbingers of Doom

The old adage goes something like this: “The book will always be better than the movie.” I’m here to disagree with that — if only for this instance.

I recently bought and read, “The Stuff of Legend Omnibus One,” the New York Times best-selling graphic novel written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith and produced by Th3rd World Studios.

The story centers around a child’s toys which travel into The Dark to save him after he is brought there by The Boogeyman. The Dark is just that, a desolate place run by Boogey himself and populated with the boy’s discarded toys. Continue reading

MPW Blog: Two Trailers That Are Harbingers of Doom for American Cinema – by Jason Pyles

Harbingers of Doom

I realize that most of the people who listen to Movie Podcast Weekly or read this blog article are probably younger than I am. Yes, I’m 39 years old, and I promise if you hang with me through this article, my argument will amount to more than just a crotchety old man lamenting that “the times are a changing.”

If you’ve rolled your eyes or you’re bored already, then GET OFF MY LAWN!

The cinema has been evolving and changing ever since the very first motion pictures, circa 1895. Some historians peg the birth year at 1896, but I’ve mentioned both to cover my bases.

As remarkable as it seems, filmmakers and technicians are continually innovating and improving upon the techniques and technology behind film art.

To be clear, I believe this is exactly as it should be. Continue reading

MPW Blog: Remembering Rowdy Roddy Piper – by Jason Pyles

Piper Cartoon

I’m sure it’s no consolation to the people who knew him as Roderick George Toombs, or “Dad,” but 61 is actually a fairly long life for a professional wrestler. I knew him best as Rowdy Roddy Piper. He died from a heart attack two days ago on July 31, 2015.

As a young wrestling fan, I remember Rowdy Roddy Piper most as a villain who played Hulk Hogan’s arch nemesis at the time. That dates me back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling,” which ran from 1985 to 1986 — not too long after the era as other animated brain children like The Dukes of Hazzard cartoon, “The Dukes” (1983), and the “Rubik, the Amazing Cube” cartoon! Continue reading

MPW Blog: Alfred Hitchcock on the Difference Between Surprise and Suspense – by Jason Pyles

Hitchcock Blog

Welcome to the resurrection of the Movie Podcast Weekly blog articles. This will probably only last for one or two articles, so enjoy it.

The Disappearance of Suspense
Lately I’ve been lamenting the absence of genuine suspense in our present-day cinema, especially in the Horror genre. I’m worried that it’s getting to be a lost art, or at least, a lost portion from the cinematic form.

The cynical side of me suspects that the recent generations of filmmakers have stopped spending time learning from “the great ones,” the pioneering filmmakers of the 20th century. I’m worried that black and white film has scared them away.

But I have a more likely theory: I believe we’ve lost genuine suspense with the advent of computer-generated imagery (CGI). Because we’re now able to conjure any being or environs out of thin air, I think the erroneous but pervasive belief must be that we don’t need to spend time “building up” to something; we can just make it happen right now.

Hence, the death of suspense. Continue reading



Movie Podcast Weekly co-host Ryan Elliott was discovered by Jason Pyles and a Canadian lawyer. Jason and the attorney invited Ryan and his Geek Cast company to appear as guests on a now defunct pop culture podcast to talk about geekdom at large. Ryan and company were instant stars who launched the Geek Cast Live Podcast soon thereafter.

Ryan is the actual town mascot of a place called Fowler — Americana incarnate — nestled snugly in the fields of Benton County, Indiana. Ryan had a hangin’ tree in his former front yard, and his Great Aunt Tilly famously contributed her false teeth and brassiere to the Fowler Centenniel time capsule (a real thing). Not many people speak of it anymore, but the truth is that Ryan did a 12-year stint on the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm for accidentally killing a man down in Biloxi in an unfortunate mishap involving a can-opener.

But he’s humble: Ryan knows about four times more about movies than his co-host, Andy. Ryan also knows an embarrassing amount about geek culture, but one of his truest passions is the Harry Potter book series and its filmic counterparts.

Those who know Geek Cast Ry personally know about his playable, electronic, rock guitar T-shirt and his propensity to wear Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears to “Canasta Night” every other Tuesday. And for the record, the legend is true: Ryan actually did win a Radiant Farms Unicorn Meat-eating contest, two consecutive years in a row. It is also factual that Ryan’s family bathroom features a periodic table shower curtain. (His favorite element is Tungsten, whose symbol is simply “W.” And the science geeks out there will now understand why Ryan’s moniker is “Wolfram.”)

Ryan is a charitable man who still volunteers monthly in his community, where he chaperones the middle school dances while wearing an honest-to-goodness, scrolling, LED belt buckle and 8-bit Mario Brothers sunglasses — or, on special occasions — Death Wish Coffee shades.

Geek Cast Ry appeared as a guest on Movie Podcast Weekly during several episodes, and the other hosts loved him every damn time. Therefore, it was on MPW Episode 140 that Ryan became an official co-host in June of 2015, and he has been with us ever since. Praise the Lord for Ryan Elliott and his greasy bacon wallet!

By the way, Ryan’s all-time favorite movie is “Flowers for Algernon” (2000).