Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 136: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Episode 136

Hi, and welcome to a super episode of Movie Podcast Weekly — Episode 136, where we dedicated the entire show to discussion of Marvel’s Ant-Man, The Avengers (2012) and our Feature Review of Avengers: Age of Ultron! If you’re a comic book geek, this show is for you! We’ve brought in three expert guests: Willis Wheeler, Geek Cast Ry and newcomer Matt the Marvel. Our new Avengers review has no spoilers initially; then we give a big spoiler warning and explore the insides of this hulking movie! Join us, and don’t forget to leave us a voicemail: (801) 382-8789.

If you’re new to our show… Movie Podcast Weekly typically features three hosts — Jason, Andy and Karl — along with frequent guests. We give you our verdicts on at least one new movie release from the current year that’s currently playing in theaters, as well as several mini reviews of whatever we’ve been watching lately. And we usually provide specialized genre recommendations. New episodes release every single Wednesday.


I. Introduction
— Andy e-mails the reason for his absence
— Welcome special guests Willis Wheeler, Geek Cast Ry and Matt the Marvel

II. What’s New in Theaters This Past Weekend
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Far From the Madding Crowd [ Limited ]
Welcome to Me [ Limited ]
Tangerines [ Limited ]
Iris [ Limited ]
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared [ Limited ]
Ride [ Limited ]
Far From Men [ Limited ]
Hyena [ Limited ]
Days of Grace [ New York City ]

[ 0:10:13 ] III. Worthiness Test
— Geek panel teaches the common folk about Ant-Man

[ 0:20:08 ] IV. Mini Review: The Avengers (2012)
Jason = 8 ( Buy it! )
Karl = 10 ( Buy it! )
Willis Wheeler = 10 ( Buy it! )
Geek Cast Ry = 10 ( Buy it! )
Matt the Marvel = 10 ( Buy it! )

[ 0:38:32 ] V. Box Office Report by Geek Cast Ry
— E-mail from Shannon
— Box Office Report on Avengers: Age of Ultron


[ 0:48:47 ] VI. Feature Review: AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015)
— E-mail from Shannon
— Box Office Report by Geek Cast Ry
— General Review (No Spoilers!)
— Guest Plugs (see links below)

Ratings for Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Jason = 8.5 ( Must-See in Theaters / Buy it! )
Karl = 10 ( Must-See / Theater / Buy it! )
Willis Wheeler = 9.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )
Geek Cast Ry = 10 ( Must-See / Theater / Buy it! )
Matt the Marvel = 9.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )


VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Thanks to David for purchasing our “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” commentary


Props to Libsyn, the media host provider for MPW and HMP. They celebrated this new “Avengers” release by turning their logo character into Cap. America!

Episode 137 when we’ll be reviewing “Hot Pursuit” and “Little Boy.” Join us!


Willis’s links:
Two-Drink Commentaries
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Cinema Beef Podcast
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A great time: Geek Cast Live Podcast
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34 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 136: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

  1. After declining to review Avengers, I really hope Andy is not the one reviewing Hot Pursuit. That would be a travesty.

    • Agreed, Juan. But anytime you have a cast like the one in “Hot Pursuit,” you can be sure Karl will find a way to review that movie…

      For next week I’m taking the High Road (ha ha) and reviewing a small, quiet father-and-son tale about Hope and Love.

      (By the way, HMP Ep. 053 will be posted very, very late tonight…)


      • “(By the way, HMP Ep. 053 will be posted very, very late tonight…)”

        So tomorrow for me. Can you tease us with what you cover in HMP 53?

        • Sure, Buddy!

          Spoiler alert for what’s covered in HMP Ep. 053:

          Unfriended (2015)
          Trailer Talk With Doc Shock
          Muck (2015)
          Classic Horror Actor Spotlight
          The Bunnyman Massacre
          Listener complaint about our HMP “Let the Right One In” review…

          Not our best, but not our worst, either… : )

      • Little Boy seems way too manipulative from the trailers. It’s also not the kind of movie that I usually go for. Either way, I’m always excited to hear your reviews, Jay. I was very pleased with your Ex Machina review and with your score. Though I haven’t been able to watch it, I have tentative plans to go check it out this weekend. I’m so looking forward to it.

        Also, could you please make note of this homework for Andy? I’m afraid my comments have gotten lost or maybe Andy just chooses to ignore me because I’m from Texas haha. Anyway, please ask him if he would be kind enough to consider these for his homework:

        Grizzly (1976)
        Strongman (2009)
        Teddy Bear (2012)
        The Guest (2014)

        Strongman and Teddy Bear would be nice to watch back to back.

        • Juan,
          I’m dying for you to see “Ex Machina.” And I don’t even think I oversold it… Incredible film.

          I’ve sent your requests to Andy via e-mail, which he checks. And FYI, we’re reviewing “Grizzly” in a VERSUS format on HMP in the coming weeks…

          And I think you’re right about “Little Boy,” but I’m the biggest sucker in the world for father / son stories.


          • J

            I saw Ex Machina and totally agree with you on this movie. I give it a 9.5 must see and ASAP! The story is outstanding and I love the ending.

          • “And FYI, we’re reviewing “Grizzly” in a VERSUS format on HMP in the coming weeks”

            Awesome! Versus lives!

          • Jay, I finally watched Ex Machina and you were right, it is a masterpiece of science fiction. The movie left me cold, not because it lacked emotion, but because of where it went. It’s flawless and I don’t really have any issues with it other than the ending which you already brought up. It could’ve been so much more impactful had it ended during that crescendo scene, but it’s a small complaint of an otherwise great film. It’s a 10 and I highly recommend it. Juavino, you guys need to get on this right away. I’m positive that you’ll enjoy a great deal.

          • Yeah, EX MACHINA is one that I’ve been planning on skipping out of work early to catch one of these days, but I just haven’t had the chance to… yet. My time is probably running out, though. Not sure how much longer it’ll be in theaters.

  2. Jay, this past week I finally managed to check out “Automata”.

    I actually really liked it though I felt it kind of lost its way towards the end. I loved the look of the world though and how tangible and gritty everything seemed. The resolution just felt a little unsatisfying to me. Maybe I missed something but I didn’t feel like the initial factor leading to the robots rule breaking tendencies was explored properly and the conclusion seemed extremely predictable. It was definitely my kind of sci-fi movie though; moderate but effective action, fantastic visuals and thought-provoking concepts. No idea why it got so slaughtered by the critics.

    • Ha ha. I’m so happy you watched it and appreciated it, at least somewhat. The funny part is, I felt like “Automata” found its way toward the end. ha ha. Hilarious.

      I believe it has just been brushed over. I think “the critics” never gave it sufficient thought and consideration. For some reason, we’re all trying to figure out what “Chappie” means, but people barely mention “Automata” in passing… Very sad. Thanks for giving it a chance.


  3. And I hate to let down my straight-talkin’ hero Willis Wheeler but I’ve still yet to see the original “Avengers” movie. I’m not totally disbelief-suspension-disabled like Andy but these colourful big budget superhero flicks don’t really hold much appeal for me. I guess I should check them out sometime though.

    • I love superhero movies, David, but I understand where people like you and Andy are coming from…

      My favorite films are those that are set in absolute reality. That’s why I love “Blue Ruin” so much.

      But if you’re the kind of guy who can appreciate big, dumb, colorful spectacle, then I think you’d at least be entertained by “The Avengers.”


  4. I agree with you on the Avengers being an 8 as for the Avengers Age of Ultron I give it a 7.5 and watch it but no rush.

    To me it seemed more of the same Villain a few big battle scenes some chuckles here and there but it was just okay. That being said I have seen it twice already and I stand by my rating. Must be the fact im just a normal person not to much into the Marvel world that is why I would have loved to have heard Andy’s thoughts on the movie because he is the every man that we inspire to be!

    I saw Unfriended totally agree it was ok I was never really scared and give it a 5 for a low rental….

    Thanks for putting on a great podcast again and look forward to hearing more next week.

    Have a good time at the movies this weekend

    Mario (Loon)

    • Awww, Geek Cast Ry is never anything less than an enchanting guest. He probably doesn’t get many comments because us querulous malcontent’s have nothing to complain about!

  5. Hello J,

    I have to agree with you that Avengers was an 8 but I did enjoy it. As for Avengers the age of Ultron I still stand with my rating of a 7.5 but is a must see. I not being a huge Marvel fan or comic book fan either I see the movie in another way. That is why I was hoping Andy would see it to give his take on it from the view from the every man who is not a marvel fan…. Hopefully he will change his mind.

    I also saw EX Machina this week totally agree with you it is a 9.5 must see and I loved the ending. It is a movie you will talk about well after it is over and makes you think on so many levels.

    As for Unfriended I gave it a 5 with a low rental.

    I am looking forward to hearing your reviews on Coldwater and Kung Fu Killer.

    I am going to try to see Maggie, Hot Pursuit, and the D list this week!!! Let you know what I think of those.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy your movies.

  6. Well today was a good day…Jay didn’t dissappoint me in his Avengers review and I saw It Follows and Maggie…It Follows was as great as everyone has said and its the best horror movie I’ve seen since Evil Dead…I give it a 10…totally loved it…The bizzaro world they live in, the tone, soundtrack, and the way it was shot kept reminding me of Donnie Darko…another one of my all time favorites…I really enjoyed Maggie too…It had a unique twist on the zombie genre which I always appreciate…Dare I say Arnold’s best acting performance??? I give it 7.5…

    • Arnold’s performance has actually been getting a lot of praise from critics. I’m dying to see it. Your rating of a 7.5 makes me want to check it out even more! I’m glad that you enjoyed It Follows, Shannon. It’s definitely a modern classic and I’m glad it’s getting all the praise it’s gotten so far.

  7. I guess I should say Maggie is more a zombie drama…there are horror elements but its a more personal…emotional take on how something like this takes a toll on a family in this kind of situation…don’t expect an action movie…it’s more like a “thinking man’s” zombie movie…

  8. I love Jason so much and sometimes I get pangs of letdown when he over thinks things sometimes but this is why he is Jason…and I can live vicariously through everyone else when they try to knock him down a couple notches with varying results…this why I love everyone…All of Jason’s questions were so cute cause he wanted and was trying to understand….

  9. I wish that Andy hadn’t been such a wuss. He’s a vital element of the MPW mix. I enjoy hearing fans wax rhapsodic about seeing something they love done well (stuff like GeekCast Ry giving his premise). Since even among the converted, however, there was some underwhelmedness, it’s not like Andy would have been entirely left to his own devices. Besides, Sir Anthony, what if you had, I dunno, seen the movie and liked it? Two things that would have been interesting about this hypothetical scenario: You could have explained how this movie does right the things that all of the other comic book movies do wrong. And since you’re an avowed detractor of comic book movies in general, your review would have been a valuable point of reference for people who are undecided about whether to see the movie. I take it to mean one thing, for example, that Willis Wheeler thinks “Age of Ultron” is good. It would have meant something else altogether, however, to hear the same assessment come out of Andy Howell’s mouth.

    And if Andy had hated the movie, then there would have been a interesting counterpoint to the overall tenor of the discussion. I’m not saying that there NEEDS to be a counterpoint in every discussion. I’m just saying that if Andy had seen “Age of Ultron,” hated it, and been willing to get into his reasons, then that would have potentially added to the discussion.

    I was a little surprised that, when Jason questioned the decision to have Loki be the bad guy in “The Avengers,” Marvel Matt, Ry and Willis all failed to mention that Loki is the villain in the first-ever Avengers comic book from way back whenever. I’d always just assumed that’s the reason he got the call in the first film. Not that there was any intention to retell that story, but just the thematic neatness of having the first film share a flashpoint with the first comic.

    • I also find it quite offensive that Andy actually considered going to see Paul Blart 2, but not Age of Ultron. He even provided a review of the movie, which he didn’t see in the first place, but he still took the time to do his research and put together a review based on what others had written. I’m not saying that I want Andy to review Age of Ultron without watching it, but I would like for him to be a little less whiny when it comes to comic book movies. He’s never fully explained why he hates comics so much. Did something happen to him as a child that robbed him of one of the greatest pleasures that one can have? Has he not read Scott McCloud? If he hasn’t, I’ll personally buy him and ship him a copy of Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art. It’s a must-read and quite the eye opener. Maybe that’ll give him the perspective he needs to see what the rest of us see.

      • I think it’s fair to say that Andy might have a problem suspending his disbelief in the context of certain films.

        His attitude towards time travel movies, his hatred of comic books and their cinematic off-spring, his scathing review of something as fun and imaginative as The Gate, his preference for the Bourne-esque gritty realism of the modern Bond movies over the campy, wackiness of the classics in the series. It all points to a predilection for films more firmly rooted in a relatable reality. Which is kind of sad in a way because cinema has so much to offer when it isn’t reigned in by buttoned-up logic and grim pragmatism.

        • You make good points my friend, but you forgot to mention that Andy is the most open minded about animated movies and he seems to enjoy them quite a bit too. He’s the number one advocate for The Lego movie, which is total nuts! So why is he ok with that movie, but not with something like The Avengers? Is it because it’s animation that Andy is ok with it? If that’s really the root of the problem, why limit one’s suspension of disbelief to animated features? Why not everything? I demand an explanation!

  10. A lot of very well received movies coming out this week. Any of these on your radar, Jay?

    Mad Max: Fury Road
    Slow West
    Good Kill

    • Ah, yes. Well, definitely “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and having just seen “Pitch Perfect,” I’m definitely making its sequel a priority this weekend, as well.

      And you?


      • I’m definitely going to see Mad Max. It’s one of my most anticipated movies of the year and it’s getting stellar reviews, so I’m super excited. Anyone else checking it out this weekend? Isn’t Josh a big Mad Max fan?

          • I for sure want to see Mad Max Fury Road this weekend but since im with my Daughter who wants to see Pitch Perfect 2 looks that what it will be for me.

            I would love for you J and Andy to do a a review on the other 3 Mad Max movies with Mel Gibson. It has been 30 years since the last one came out. I think they are due for a good viewing

            Mad Max the original is an 8.5 must see and is still truly dark.

            Mad Max The Road Warrior is a 9.5 I own love it and to do this watch at least once every two months it by the far the best Mad Max.

            Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is a 5 to skip it. It went to Hollywood with Tina Turner and the best thing that came out of it was the quote “Two Men one Man leave”

            Love to hear you guys think.

            Enjoy the movies this weekend!

            Mario (Loon)

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