Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 137: Hot Pursuit (2015) and Little Boy (2015) and The D Train (2015)

Episode 137

Hi and welcome to Movie Podcast Weekly Episode 137. During this show, your hosts bring you Feature Reviews of Hot Pursuit and Little Boy and The D Train. We also bring you our famous Mini Reviews and recommendation segments. Join us!

If you’re new to our show… Movie Podcast Weekly typically features three hosts — Jason, Andy and Karl — along with frequent guests. We give you our verdicts on at least one new movie release from the current year that’s currently playing in theaters, as well as several mini reviews of whatever we’ve been watching lately. And we usually provide specialized genre recommendations. New episodes release every single Wednesday.


I. Introduction
— Andy and Karl bicker over seniority
— Jason’s 2015 Big Birthday Bash announced: 10 Masterpieces
— Upcoming CTS-style shows: Jurassic World, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
— Voicemail from Josiah in Houston, TX
— Trailer Talk: Aloha, Dope

[ 0:13:52 ] II. Mini Reviews
Karl: The Fifth Estate, Benedict Cumberbatch, House of Cards Season 3, TV series vs. Movies
Andy: Furious 7, Hot Fuzz, Force Majeure, Clear and Present Danger, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1
Jason: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, Big Eyes, The Blacklist, The Beastmaster

III. What’s New in Theaters This Past Weekend
Hot Pursuit
The D Train [ Limited ]
5 Flights Up [ Limited ]
Maggie [ Limited ]
Saint Laurent [ Limited ]
I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story [ Limited ]
Noble [ Limited ]
The Seven Five [ Limited ]
Skin Trade [ Limited ]


[ 0:55:59 ] IV. Feature Review: THE D TRAIN (2015)
Karl = 3 ( Avoid )

[ 1:04:17 ] V. Feature Review: HOT PURSUIT (2015)
Andy = 4.5 ( Avoid )

[ 1:14:15 ] VI. Feature Review: LITTLE BOY (2015)
Jason = 5.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 1:28:17 ]VII. Specialty Recommendation Segments:

Great Voice-over Performances:
1. James Earl Jones as Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode IV (1977)
2. Hugo Weaving as V in V for Vendetta (2005)
3. Robin Williams as Genie in Aladdin (1992)

Daredevil Season 1 (Netflix series)

Pitch Perfect (2012) = 8.5 ( Buy it! )

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
— Thanks to Tamara for her $2 recurring donation!
— Karl does dishes on the podcast
*** At the very end, we include a clip of Dr. Shock and Jay discussing George Lucas’s career.

Episode 137 when we’ll be reviewing “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Pitch Perfect 2.”


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72 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 137: Hot Pursuit (2015) and Little Boy (2015) and The D Train (2015)

  1. Boy I’m missing Josh more than ever in these mini-reviews. Maybe he would kick Jason into gear and get him to finish “True Detective”. Come on Jay. That show is a million times better than 90% of modern movies.

    And is there no end to Andy’s invidious proclamations? “The Killing” sucks? I’ve heard him imply his dissatisfaction with that show before but he’s never actual explained what it is about it that “sucks”. It has excellent performances and character development, writing that offers a profound insight into grief while maintaining a tense, suspenseful edge. It’s intelligent, emotionally resonant, artfully handled and brilliantly paced. Enlighten us Dr. Howell, tell us why it sucks?

    • Whoa! Are you pulling an Andy there, David? Not to call you out, but haven’t you been avoiding most modern movies? How can you make such a claim if you yourself haven’t seen 90% of modern movies?* Granted, I haven’t seen True Detective yet, so I’m talking out of my arse here haha. I keep hearing a lot about it, so I’m sure it’s an excellent show. Make no mistake though, there are many great movies out there and I’d say that many of them are modern. Andy, please stop aggravating David. We like him!

      *This is just my humble guesstimation. For all I know David has seen more modern movies than Juavino combined.

      • You’re right, Juan, I am pulling a bit of an Andy but mostly I’m just pulling a David and you’re quite right to be calling me out on it. It’s true that I don’t see that many modern movies and some of the ones I’ve seen recently have actually been fantastic (Nightcrawler, The Babadook, Blue Ruin, The Drop, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Snowpiercer etc) but I think it’s fair to say that those are likely the cream of the crop. Maybe I shouldn’t have specified “modern” movies because in truth there’s probably always been a higher ratio of forgettable copycats and cheap hack-job cash-ins than genuinely well-crafted films out there, that’s just the nature of a capitalist marketplace I guess. The way I look at it though, is that “True Detective” is better than the “Lord of the Rings” movies (which I have seen and I have the beer can staff to prove it!) and consequentially better than any movies that aren’t as good as “Lord of the Rings”.

        I do sympathise with Jay though. I’ve started series in the past and thought “wow this is great” but then ended up getting distracted for a few weeks and subsequently loosing the will to pick back up where I left off. It’s a bit like when you see a stray pube in the corner of the bathroom at work. If you just picked it up there and then the place would be all the better for it but instead you put it off and no one else seems to notice it and days go by and picking up that pube starts to seem like more a chore until it’s practically sisyphean in scale. The next thing you know you’re waking up in a cold sweat in the itchy sheets of a psych ward bed because one day that pube seemed so big and scary that you locked yourself in the bathroom and tried to kill it with a fire extinguisher.

        • Hahaha your pube story has made my day. You should consider putting together a book of short stories about pubes and your close encounters with them. I’d buy that for a dollar (or however much the price is, I’m sure it’ll be worth it).

          I know what you meant, David. I just like giving you a hard time… that’s what she said. I can’t really weigh in on True Detective being better than Lord of the Rings because I haven’t seen the show yet. However, I feel like those are high quality fantasy movies, in particular the first of the three. I think it’s a masterpiece and it was disappointing that the subsequent films weren’t able to match the emotional prowess of the first entry. How did you feel about the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Did you not like it? Seeing how you’re not a fan of CGI, I’m curious if the heavy use of such effects had an impact on your appreciation of these films.

          • I think the first “Fellowship of the Ring” is excellent but by the second and third instalments the CGI had admittedly begun to bug me. I know people who claim that the effects are flawless but personally I found a lot of them really hokey and artificial looking (though I do commend the extensive use of actual sets, locations and practical elements). When it got to the point that Legolas was swinging around on that giant elephant thing and he transformed into some textureless maquette, unbound by normal physics I kind of lost respect for the franchise a little though. I’d rather not have to have obnoxious “look at the amazing stuff we can do with computers” scenes inserted into otherwise effective battle sequences. The costumes, swordplay and stunt-work are thrilling enough in my opinion. I also like picking on Legolas because I just hate him as a character. All he seems to do is state the obvious until the cows come home, squint into the distance and skateboard on shields. He may as well be wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Look how cool I am everyone!”. Gah! But maybe I’m just jealous because when I tried to surf on a shield down a staircase someone punched me in the face and told me to stop being an asshole.

            They are objectively incredible feats of filmmaking but to be honest I prefer my fantasy a little wonkier and more 80’s. I’d rather watch “The Neverending Story” or “Labyrinth”. But that’s just me.

          • Those are all fair criticisms. Even back when the films came out I thought the CGI was a bit sketchy in some parts. Fully CGI characters that are human-like always bother me. There are very few examples that I consider good, but the greatest achievement as far as making a fully CGI human was seen in Tron Legacy. Yes, Jeff Bridges didn’t look quite right, but it was still very impressive how close they got. Fantasy inspired characters like Gollum seem to work much better, probably because there’s no point of reference in real life. There’s just nothing else to compare it to.

            About Legolas, I can’t say that I ever noticed that he’s captain obvious. I always thought of him as the mostly silent sidekick with a dark and tortured past that’s actually more skilled in battle than the main hero, but since he’s such a tortured soul, he keeps to himself and squints as a means of expressing himself. But I haven’t seen these movies in years, so I’m just going off my semi-photographic memory.

      • “*This is just my humble guesstimation. For all I know David has seen more modern movies than Juavino combined.”


    • That’s the weird thing, David. I loved “True Detective” and was very impressed with it, but I guess just not enough to watch the rest of it before popping in a movie. I can’t explain it. And maybe part of the problem is that it’s not as much fun to discuss TV series on the podcast, because I feel like I can say very little. So, it makes for a dull Mini Review. So, maybe that’s why I’m less motivated.

      The other “problem” with “True Detective” is I have kept it at arms length, due to it only being one season long with that cast. I’ve been reluctant to “give my heart” to it because there’s only one season of Matt and Woody…

      In Andy’s defense (which is very difficult to provide sometimes), he wanted to expound — at length — on a completely spoiler-filled debate with Josh about “The Killing” shortly before Josh went on his indefinite hiatus from MPW. I remember one day Josh and Andy had an epic text battle about “The Killing,” and they were merely waiting for me to catch up so we could discuss it. I never watched it, and Josh went on his hiatus, so Andy wanted to spell out his critiques for the audience, but Josh and I convinced him to wait for an epic battle that never happened…


      • Don’t tease us, Jay, please us. Josh is still available. Here’s the blueprint:

        Step 1) Jay watches the rest of “The Killing.”
        Step 2) MPW turns on the Wolf signal to alert Almighty Spacewolf.
        Step 3) Three-way bloodbath with spoilers galore to determine who has the most valid opinion about “The Killing” ensues on forthcoming episode of MPW.
        Step 4) (Optional) Contact Mireille Enos and husband Alan Ruck (Cameron from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) to act as judges of the smackdown, followed by hourlong MPW interview. (Mireille went to BYU, right? I bet Karl has connections. Since Karl won’t be involved in the smackdown, his job could be to get Mireille involved and conduct the postgame interview.)

        Actually, if you included at least 40 minutes of you and Josh having a no-holds-barred “Chappie” smackdown after the Battle Royale over “The Killing,” then you could probably label it an MPW exclusive and charge $2.99 per download. I’d buy it, and I bet Juavino would commit to buy at least 5-6 copies apiece, just to help make it happen.

        • I can’t speak for ‘vino, but Jua is very excited about the possibilities. It’s true that Jay is a big tease. He seems to be more concerned with blaming poor ol’ Space Halloweenie than making it happen. Jay, pretty please with sugar on top, watch the freaking show. If you do, I’ll commit to it as well so I can be part of the conversation. Also, the Chappie no holds barred discussion needs to happen. I would love it if Ex Machina was included in the discussion. I find it very curious that Jay preferred the more slow-paced, artsier, cerebral film of the two. It’s very unlike him. I still don’t understand why he hated Chappie so much.

      • The thing about TRUE DETECTIVE is that it’s such a dense and emotionally taxing undertaking, which is why I also have yet to finish the first season (I have 3 episodes under my belt). I’m like Jason in that I love what I’ve seen so far, but it takes a lot for me to work up the motivation to watch it.

        About THE KILLING, I have really mixed feelings about the series, which I actually shared with Josh in one of my several well-thought out, “pour-your-heart-into,” yet unreciprocated emails (between Jason and Josh, that number is probably close to 10… #sadface).

        The first two seasons were great, probably in the 9/10 range for me. Season 3 was probably not as good, but still up there and definitely suspenseful; I’d give it an 8/10. Season 4 was definitely the weakest of the bunch for me. The ***MEEP*** storyline really detracted from the main murder case, in my opinion. The main murder case could have been really interesting if they developed it a little further; it seemed to drag for several episodes, and then everything came to a head rather abruptly in the last episode and a half. I’m also not crazy with where they took Holder’s character.

        Still, I’d give the last season a 7/10 and the whole series an 8.5/10.

        • “The thing about TRUE DETECTIVE is that it’s such a dense and emotionally taxing undertaking”

          This is a good point, Dino. The whole time I was watching “True Detective” I kept getting these Faulkner-esque vibes from it which I initially put down to its southern gothic tonality but in retrospect I think it has much more to do with the density you speak of and the way that dense knot of information is often presented bereft of absolute context, leaving us to piece the elements together ourselves; the emotional intensity, the shifting perspectives, the non-linear narrative and the withholding of integral pieces of the puzzle are all very Faulknerian in my mind and ask for much more effort on the part of the audience than a standard light-entertainment show (although it is undoubtedly extremely entertaining). Part of me wonders if this is the main reason for Jay’s reluctance to complete the series; I recall him noting his distaste for such anti-straightforwardness plotting and puzzle-esque mystery elements in the past.

          • Exactly. Basic plot aside, the character motivations and emotional thrust is still a complete unknown for me. Stuff like “why does Matt McConaughey stare into that tiny mirror all the time?”

        • As for “The Killing” I totally that it’s at its best during the arc of the first 2 seasons. I’m pretty sure that’s the part that Andy is so bafflingly dismissive of though. In fact If memory serves he only watched the first season.

  2. Hey guys,

    Wonderful Podcast and just a few things I would like to add.

    First for Andy please pass this on to him J. I agree Vin Diesel is not that great of an actor however the movie that he really shows his acting chops is “Find me Guilty” based on a true story about a Mob guy who is charged with other Mob Guys under the Rico case. So if you like trial movies this is one I highly recommend. I give it a 7 but it is enjoyable.

    Also for Reese Witherspoon see her in “Man on the Moon” One of her first roles about young love. It is a 7.5 rental.

    Oh and one more thing for Andy, Rebel Wilson was in Bridesmaid she played Kristin Wiggs roommate give Karl some credit!

    Now J I loved how you mentioned Beastmaster and I loved that movie as a kid with Marc Singer the only reason I watched it originally was for him because I loved watching V when I was kid. I totally agree with you, you must be at least 13 years or older to watch that movie. Man the things that got away with in the 80’s.

    One other note for Ex Machina while working last night word of mouth is going around and more people are seeing it everyday it may be the surprise hit of 2015. I still love it and love to hear what people think about it when they finish watching it. I had a full 15 min talk about it the other day with a lady after, she loved it and I should have been cleaning the theater. (Spoiler) One Gentleman said he liked it to but one big flaw why would the helicopter pilot not question where she came from and what happened to Caleb? I dismissed and let it go what do you think? My question is what do you think Ava was whispering to Kyoki when she was let out? I so want to know.

    Welll have a wonderful weekend at that movies

    • I’m curious about this Beastmaster movie. It has nothing to do with transformers, right? Because there was a show in the 90s called Beast Wars and I kind of hated it :/

      • Yes, Willis is right. (Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. ha ha.) It’s a sword-and-sandals movie with witches and magic. Very low budget. He’s a Dr. Dolittle, of sorts, because he can communicate with animals telepathically.

        I loved it when I was young. Haven’t seen it in over 30 years, so I can’t speak to its quality now (but I’m certain it’s better than the Masters of the Universe movie).


  3. This is my current Facebook status…”Ok I can’t believe these words are coming out of my mouth but Fury Road is better than The Road Warrior…I am in total shock that this is something that is possible…”
    This sets the bar ridiculously high for any action movie from here on out…Forget a 10…this movie goes to 11!!!

    • Really Shannon,

      Im shocked because I love the Road Warrior, cant wait to see it now. Did you see it in 3D or 2D?

      Mario (LOON)

      • No one is shocked more than me…I grew up watching and worshiping the Max movies…and The Road Warrior was always my favorite action movie…I knew Fury Road was gonna be good but I was flabbergasted watching this…it is a work of art…and I totally bought into Tom Hardy as Max…unrelenting violent beauty this film is…oh yeah I saw it in 2D….

        • This is great news Shannon, especially coming from you with your predilection for awesome 80’s action/sci-fi movies. Am I right in thinking that the stunts/effects are almost all pulled off with good old practical effects?

          • Yeah there was only one glaring cgi effect and I suppose the dust storm was cgi…but other than that…it was a car smash em up…hand to hand combat armageddon movie…Have no idea how this was shot…Trust me its The Road Warrior on steriods…but with the exact same feel as the rest…this may be my new favorite movie of all time…going again on Sunday and I have to drive 50 miles to do so…

          • “I have to drive 50 miles to do so…”

            50 miles across a dusty wasteland in a truck armoured with rusty sheets of metal and jagged spikes?

          • Well the movie was so good I may risk what Max went through to see it again but I’d probably only make it 1/2 a mile if I’m lucky!

    • Uh oh… It’s gonna hit the fan this week.

      Shannon is NOT going to be happy with Episode 138 this upcoming Wednesday. I saw Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend (and Pitch Perfect 2), and I have serious complaints (and Andy does, too). Karl will see it Monday. Tune in Wednesday to hear us make Shannon lose his mind.

      Is Fury Road EPIC? Yes. Is it visually stunning and spectacular? Yes. Are the effects (mostly practical) and stunts mind-blowing? Yes. Is the action amazing? Yes.

      But … tune in Wednesday to hear our gripes. All I’m saying: Temper your expectations everybody…

      Bearer of bad news…

        • I also went to see it this weekend and I’m still processing it… but it’s good, I’m just trying to determine if it’s just good or damn good. This movie is dense visually and thematically. Sometimes I worry about you, Jay (and Andy too). Hopefuly Karl will set them straight. Is Willis going to be on the show? I’d love to her his take.

        • Willis, could not agree with you more!!! I loved the little cave man boy with his razor sharp boomrang! More action less talk that is what we came to see.

          I Think J and Andy should see the first two original Mad Max movies skip Thunderdome as it is horrible sorry Tina Turner.

        • While I’m still processing the film (no pun intended), I should say up front that I loved it. It’s easily one of the best movies I’ve seen in the last few years. I noticed about halfway through my sit that I had a big, dumb grin on my face.

  4. Almost hope Andy doesn’t see this cause I don’t want to be forced to hate him forever after next weeks episode…

  5. Well in the last week I’ve watched It Follows, Ex Machina, Chappie, Timecrimes, When Animals Dream, Grave of the Fireflies, and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind…I’d say my job is done…

  6. So it was date night with my pregnant wife, and I wanted to see Mad Max pretty bad, but I caved in because taking my pregnant wife to see Mad Max didn’t seem appropriate for some reason so I went to see The Age of Adeline with her.

    This movie’s narration voice over is the most ridiculous part of any movie I may have ever experienced. I was trying not to laugh through the whole movie. The voice over continually updates the audience on items they might have missed like the audience is not intelligent enough to understand. The premise of the movie seemed okay, and the scenes with Harrison Ford and the young Harrison Ford are done well, and there was no chemistry between the two leads. The movie is a 3 would be a 5 without the narration voice over which should have never made it in the movie. Stay away from it if your significant other wants to watch this I would lead them to something different at all costs.

        • I’ll have to catch Mad Max this weekend. I do want to see Ex Machina but sounds like Mad Max is the one to catch in theaters and if I have to see Ex Machina at a later time.

          Watching Wayward Pines now I’m hoping this gets good, as I am also a M. Night Shyamalan fan so hoping for the best. I just finished the Blacklist Season 2, and thought the finish was a good twist excited for Season 3.

  7. Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay . Sad sad sad sad sad . That movies was amazballs . If every looked at a mad max movie , u know it about the action that way people love the road warrior movie more then any other movie of the mad max flims . Every body I talked to who went to see it loved it . So u just as hank hill from king of the hill says “the boy an’t right “

    • Does anyone else read Willis’ comments with his voice as their internal narrator? (is that even a term?)

      I’m on Team Willis for this one. FURY ROAD is definitely amazeballs.

  8. ALERT! ALERT! How am I the first person to listen to this episode and call Jay out on the following statement: “My wife and I could barely sit through the first season.”

    Does anyone remember what that’s in reference to? Jason, who basically throws the ENTIRE. MEDIUM. of television under the bus in this episode, WATCHED A FULL 11-EPISODE SEASON OF “VANILLA ICE GOES AMISH.” Mind. BLOWN.

    FACT: Jason freely admits that he LOVES “True Detective.”
    FACT: And yet, Jason does not have the gumption to actually watch the four or five episodes he hasn’t yet.
    FACT: And yet, Jason watched ELEVEN EPISODES of “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.”

    Bears. Beets. “Battlestar Galactica.”

    I feel like this needs to be discussed at length on a future episode. Jason, I’m also curious to know whether or not you’re excited about the second season of “True Detective.” The first two trailers are sharp. The cast looks incredible, and I know you’ve enjoyed Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn individually in the past. And while his career in blockbusters makes it hard to believe this about Taylor Kitsch, the dude can actually act. It’s no accident that his arc on “Friday Night Lights” got the Hollywood people all hot and bothered about his movie star potential. Also, the first two episodes of “True Detective” Season Two were directed by your boy Justin Lin who rescued the “Fast and Furious” franchise from the oblivion of “Tokyo Drift” (even though he actually directed that one, too).

    • I didn’t catch that, but I’ve confronted him in the past about his tendency to contradict himself quite often. Of course, every time I confront him I lack the hard evidence to do so, but you do have evidence in this instance and it’s great! I’d love to see how he comes back from this one.

      • In Jason’s defence he was spending time with his wife while watching “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish”. I don’t think he’d be able to watch “True Detective” with her due to the content (although I can’t imagine how it would be any more objectively offensive to good taste than the former show).

        Cody still makes a great point though. It seems odd to reject the incredibly high quality and genuinely cinematic shows that the TV medium has to offer at the moment only to confess to consuming episode after episode of a show boasting a premise that sounds like it was devised by Beavis and Butthead while smoking pot in a public restroom circa 1996.

        • I’m probably about 50 percent instigating with my initial comment here, because, yes, David is right. As an old married man myself, I can state with authority that it takes a certain level of added commitment to make time for film and/or television viewing that (for whatever reason) can’t be shared with one’s spouse. There are only so many hours in the day, and it’s generally the case that working outside the home means that man and wife are separated for far too many of them.

          So yeah, not being able to watch “True Detective” (or “The Killing,” for that matter) with Mrs. Pyles almost certainly makes it harder for Jason to watch it at all. (Generally speaking, I’d guess that even Vance has a much higher tolerance for objectionable content than Natalie. Nat, incidentally, is a delightful person and should be celebrated for supporting Jason’s podcast endeavors so stalwartly.) I still think it takes a special brand of high-handedness, however, to broadly dismiss TV altogether yet somehow find time to watch an entire season of “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish.”

    • @Cody – There’s an awful lot of brooding going on in the TRUE DETECTIVE season 2 trailers. It’s pretty much just … well, you get the picture.

      Btw, looks awesome.

      • Dude, half of my comment wasn’t posted (my description of the season 2 trailers). In a nutshell, there was an awful lot of brooding going on, with some shots of Rachel McAdams kicking butts and taking names.

        … man, my original comment was so much better. WordPress sucks.

        • Agree that the footage of Rachel McAdams being a badass is strangely compelling. I don’t think she’s ever been presented in that light in anything else she’s done. I totally buy it, though, at least in the trailers. Especially the scene from the first trailer where she’s out in front of the group of cops walking down the street … stone cold badass.

          Also, the opening shot of the first trailer is possible the most compelling footage of a freeway interchange I have ever seen. Something about it is just mesmerizing. There’s metaphorical and thematic heft just is that one stupid shot of a frickin’ freeway interchange. Weirdly dazzling. (Love the song that backs everything, too. I’ve read that it was purpose-written/recorded for Season Two. Hauntingly beautiful.)

  9. I just can’t wait to hear their gripes with Mad Max…I just know its gonna be them overthinking and nit picking…There is no such thing as a perfect movie and there never will be…I’ve read every review and have listened to every podcast I’ve found since seeing it and every person I know personally and on facebook love this movie for what it is…I think sometimes you just gotta sit back and enjoy the ride and not try to over analyze and find faults with something…What fun is that? I’m pretty knowlegable about the Mad Max franchise so if its a problem with the story line I may be of some asisstance…

    • If past experience has taught us anything it’s that Jay’s gripe will be that Mad Max wasn’t in the movie enough despite it bearing his name and Andy’s will be that it wasn’t realistic enough!

      I sure hope Karl comes in to defend it or they at least have Willis on the show because it should make for a good debate/punch up.

      • George Miller once said that these stories of Max aren’t necessarily about him…Max is a stranger who gets sucked into helping these groups of people and its told from these people’s perspectives and memories…Thats why you hear these stories at the end of the movies about the man named Max…The savior who shows up…saves the day and dissappears into the sands of time…Max ends up being a legend and folklore…

        • I guess what it comes down to is Max is a superhero in this world…He just wants to be alone and survive but he puts everything on the line to save these people and do the right thing trying to find redemtion in himself for the loss of his family…I hope I’m not rambling and being annoying…I just have a passion for these movies…

          • @Shannon – Not rambling at all. These last two comments were excellent, and spot on.

            I hope Jay’s and Andy’s gripes aren’t around character development. Not with regard to Max, but the surrounding characters. For that, the dialogue was light, but I think each character’s motivation was reasonably evident.

      • The funny thing is that Mad Max not being in the movie enough is actually not too far from the truth. I would argue that he’s not the main character, but we’ll get to that tomorrow… if Jay can get this show up on time that is.

        • I’m chomping on the bit for this one…keep refreshing the page…I just gotta stop…Takes deep breath…wax on wax off…

          • Not too much wax on wax off, though, or else Jason will get annoyed by the excessive wax on wax off.


  10. Juavino! Over on the Movie Stream Cast comments Josh Ligairi is requesting your help to vote for his “Survivor” picks. Let’s give the Halloweenie some support!

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