Don’t Miss MPW’s “Mini Review Mania” Special Features Episode!

Mini Reviews Mania

Many fans of Movie Podcast Weekly tell us that their favorite segment of our show is our Mini Reviews! Well, for those who subscribe to Movie Podcast Network’s Special Features patron feed, we have just released a five-round episode that’s 2 hours and 37 minutes, includes 22+ movie recommendations, and we call it MINI REVIEW MANIA! This wacky episode took us six weeks to record! But this is only for subscribers of the Movie Podcast Network Patreon feed!

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**Warning: Even though Movie Podcast Weekly is non-explicit in its own free feed, the Special Features feed is explicit due to the sensibilities of some of the other Network shows, so MPW Special Features episodes are not “meeped” for content, including this Mini Reviews Mania. Join us!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Miss MPW’s “Mini Review Mania” Special Features Episode!

  1. Great stuff as always! So I’ll tell you a real coincidence Jay…literally a minute or two before you picked Breakdown I was thinking what movies I would pick for this segment. The first movie I thought of was Breakdown! I absolutely love this movie and would rate it a 9/10. I first saw it randomly on HBO and have loved it ever since. All of the bonus content has been fantastic and I’d love to see more commentaries and mini-reviews.

  2. Awesome, Chris! ha ha ha That is a remarkable coincidence!

    Thanks for being a subscriber, and thanks for listening. Yeah, we’ll have a Vol. 2 of Mini Review Mania! And we’re due for a few commentaries… ha ha


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