MPW and HMP Episodes Publishing Saturday!

Hi Everybody,

Jay here. This week’s episodes for Movie Podcast Weekly and Horror Movie Podcast will finally publish tomorrow (Saturday, March 14). Sorry about the delays.

I could either be a total wuss and quit podcasting (which I won’t), or I could just be late and struggle through the tough times.

Those who patiently remain with us faithfully will be rewarded.

Jason (aka Jay of the Dead)

22 thoughts on “MPW and HMP Episodes Publishing Saturday!

  1. “I could either be a total wuss and quit podcasting (which I won’t)”

    And for that Jay, you have my eternal love and gratitude, as do all the other hard-working stiffs putting these shows together.

    • I’m with David. You’re a trooper, Jay.

      I wanted to ask if an episode is this late, wouldn’t it make sense, save you time, and make your life a lot easier if you just skip a week of podcast and combine the two episodes into one? Why kill yourself trying to post on time when by the time you post, only two days later a new episode comes out? I get that you have a rock solid work ethic, but I fear that if you keep going like this, you’ll burn yourself out and *know on wood* (get your mind outta the gutter Dino) you’ll give up podcasting again!

      Just a thought from a loving fan.

      • Yeah Jay. We don’t mind if Moviepodcastweekly takes a week off once in a while.

        I love these shows and look forward to every new release but most of that love comes from how endearing and excellent you guys are as hosts. So I’d rather miss a week here and there in the knowledge that it’ll take the heat off you guys for a bit and let you recharge the batteries.

  2. Maybe if Jason’s co-host didn’t suck SO much…

    I blame Karl and his prolific swearing and the subsequent editing J has to do.

    • *MEEEP* Karl!

      I actually wouldn’t mind a little to a lot of swearing. I think we’re all big boys here. I respect that you’re trying to keep it clean though.

      • In real life I swear like there’s no tomorrow. It turns out that working in a crappy sign factory is a bit like being in the Merchant Navy in that you come out the other side sounding like a drunk Glaswegian trying to order a deep-fried Mars Bar with mushy peas at 4 in the morning.

        That being the case I actually really appreciate the non-swearing policy that these guys have. It puts me in a head space where every second word isn’t an expletive and that feels like a comfortable and progressive place to be.

        And I like to imagine Karl getting done recording an episode of the podcast and going to some Irish bar to drink Guinness, smoke cigars, shoot pool and swear like it’s only just been invented.

        • “In real life I swear like there’s no tomorrow.”

          Well, you ARE British, so…

          On the plus side, I’m sure it sounds positively proper and sophisticated when you swear.

          • “On the plus side, I’m sure it sounds positively proper and sophisticated when you swear.”

            Unfortunately I’m from the North so my more colourful ejaculations tend to sound less “proper and sophisticated” and more like a pirate molesting a skinhead.

  3. Jay – I always have a mini-heart attack whenever the shows are a little late, so I appreciate the update post. I’ll echo the sentiment shared by David and Juan – I’m in favor you doing whatever you need to do to ensure the shows continue on in the long-term. Even if that means skipping a week here and there (I know other well-established, long-running shows do that during holidays, for example).

    As long as The Movie Podcast Network endures!

  4. You forgot the third option where you could take one of your co-costs, who happens to get paid to edit professionally, up on one of his many offers to help out with the edit once in awhile. :)

    • It’s not my place to speculate but I have a feeling that Jay is kind of stubborn in how seriously he takes the editing of the podcasts. I’d imagine he has his own very thorough, specific, tried and tested method of doing things and is therefore a bit reticent to hand over the reigns to anyone else, no matter how qualified they might be.

      • Jason has a very solid, tried and true method of recording (which I’m hoping to adopt very soon for MSC and TSFP) and he has a “secret sauce” of audio processing settings (that I’m trying to acquire from him as well), but the editing is not rocket science. It’s just very time consuming. I have a lot of experience, though. Over a decade of experience and I’m pretty fast. So, I would think that letting me help out, even if it is just in a pinch (like this week), would be better than either quitting the podcast or being several days late … but, it’s not my choice and I just have to learn to be patient like you all. It’s good for me, trying to get in a Zen-like state.

  5. Jason, all you need to do is edit your intro and the problem will be fixed. “Hi and welcome to movie podcast weekly, a podcast where once a week, We bring you in depth movie reviews. Sometimes Tuesday sometimes Thursday or sometimes Saturday.” I think that will take the pressure off you.

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