Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 212: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) and Inferno (2016), Et Al., and Spoiler Culture and Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

Episode 212

Spoiler alert! Episode 212 of Movie Podcast Weekly is a big show because we’ve combined two weeks into one! We bring you five Feature Reviews of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and Inferno and Keeping Up With the Joneses and Ouija: Origin of Evil and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. We have no Andy this week, but we do bring you rousing discussions about Spoiler Culture and about Disney’s Live-Action Remakes. Join us!

If you’re new to our show… Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts — Jason, Andy, Karl and Geek Cast Ry — along with frequent guests. We give you our verdicts on at least one new movie release from the current year that’s currently playing in theaters, as well as several mini reviews of whatever we’ve been watching lately. New episodes release every single week … well, pretty much!


I. Introduction
— “The Brain” hasn’t answered us yet.
— “Airport ’77” poll question

[ 0:05:42 ] II. Mini Reviews
Karl: Trick `r Treat, Hocus Pocus, This Is Us (TV show) Ep. 1
Jason: This Is Us (TV show) Eps. 4-5, Masterminds, The Shining (in theaters)
Ryan: Westworld

[ 0:23:00 ] III. Unpacking Spoiler Culture

— Listen to the Geek Cast Live Podcast’s episode about SPOILER CULTURE [Note from Jason: Great episode, to be sure, but this GCL episode may contain spoilers for “Westworld” and definitely contains spoilers for “The Walking Dead” and the “Harry Potter” series.]

— Ryan: On Steve Bartman

IV. New in Theaters (Oct. 21 and Oct. 28):

Oct. 21
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back
Ouija: Origin of Evil
Keeping Up With the Joneses
Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween
American Pastoral
King Cobra
Generation Woman —- Ryan’s fake one.
The Whole Truth
In a Valley of Violence
I’m Not Ashamed
The Pickle Recipe
Unfurled —- Ryan’s fake one.
We Are X
The Beat Beneath My Feet

Oct. 28
The Unspoken
The Windmill
Rise: A Baker’s Tale —- Ryan’s fake one.
Gimme Ganger

— 2016’s Oscar-Worthy Contenders (Thus Far)


[ 1:15:12 ] V. Feature Review: JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK (2016)
Jason = 4 ( Avoid )
Ryan = 2 ( Avoid ) — but a 9, if you want to take a nap!

[ 1:23:30 ] VI. Feature Review: INFERNO (2016)
Jason = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )
Karl = 6.5 ( Rental )


[ 1:42:43 ] VII. Feature Review: KEEPING UP WITH THE JONESES (2016)
Jason = 4.5 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 1:47:10 ] VIII. Feature Review: OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL (2016)
Jason = 4 ( Avoid )

[ 1:51:27 ] IX. Feature Review: MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN (2016)
Jason = 4.5 ( Avoid ) – but probably a Rental for most people…

[ 1:57:18 ] X. Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

[ 2:06:22 ] XI. Jason Solocasts About a Few Remaining Releases of 2016

— NY Times Late 2016 Movie Release List (Beware of potential spoilers in the plot descriptions.)

XII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending
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Episode 213 where we’ll be reviewing “Doctor Strange” and “Hacksaw Ridge” with special guest William Rowan Jr. Join us!


Listen to the Geek Cast Live Podcast’s episode about SPOILER CULTURE [Note from Jason: Great episode, to be sure, but this GCL episode may contain spoilers for “Westworld” and definitely contains spoilers for “The Walking Dead” and the “Harry Potter” series.]

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24 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 212: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016) and Inferno (2016), Et Al., and Spoiler Culture and Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

  1. On the topic of spoilers. growing up through my life i avoided horror movies after watching ‘The Grudge’ because i was such a wimp (When i wash my hair i still think a hand will grab me), then going to university and being forced into them by flat mates they have become a new category to my already broad knowledge of films, but with so many to watch in such a short time i haven’t yet seen films like sixth sense, the ring ect. although i don’t mind spoilers, i can see why some people would still have an issue

    • John,
      I hear ya… “The Grudge” is the reason I can’t stick my face up into my attic anymore…



  2. You know what hasn’t been done yet….talk about spoilers of the The Wire. Let’s do that.

    Cue the painful horse bray…..sheesh.

    • To be fair, Eric, as a life long 40 year old Cubs fan, I’m still not sure game 7 is official. It could be overturned; the Cubs could find a way.

      And I agree, Ryan, great rant.

  3. Ryan is 100% right, it is not the responsibility of a person who has seen a movie to censor themselves because you haven’t seen something.
    If you are offended or hurt because someone ruined a point in a movie for you; guess what, life sucks. If you care about the movie, go see it.Otherwise shut up and deal with it.

  4. Loved the discussion regarding spoilers and Jason’s desire to find some middle ground and convince Ryan of the ethical duty to protect the greater public who are taking their sweet time getting up to speed. I would suggest that their will be no convincing Ryan for as I recall he has been banned from a Wendy’s for refusing to say the word “chocolate” or something like that…..

    Always a blast and I loved the cast this week but was a little taken back when I heard that Descent 2 was “almost as good” as the Descent… I think they are miles apart! Or at least 3 stars apart….

    Thanks as always!

    • Leigh,
      Brilliant… I cracked up laughing. You’re absolutely right. I forgot about the Frosty thing… I should have never even wasted my breath. : )

  5. J,
    Ouija: Origin of Evil freaked me out. Much better than anticipated. I can’t agree with your 4/10.
    My reasoning behind it is simple. How horror can effect differently on an individual basis. Creepy children scare me. Whiting out the eyes, scares me. Rapid whispers of unintelligible language, freaks me out. It played on multiple levels of beliefs. It’s not a perfect film, every film affects differently. Without going into spoilers for Ryan’s sensitive eyes or ears. There was subtle dialogue that made the ending and whole story, much freakier and explained why I shouldn’t play with ouija. It’s been played out. I do agree, stop with the Conjuring clones, Ouija games, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, etc. Unless it’s original, it’s been done. Everything in this film was a rehash of something done better elsewhere.
    The film still effectively freaked me out to the point of covering the screen with one hand, to not see the white eyes. Damn creepy kids.
    6/10 – a fan of horror or getting mildly freaked out, it’s worth a theatrical viewing.
    Much better than Blair Witch.


  6. So I watched the Godfather. I won’t give any spoilers (Ryan). I liked it, it was a good movie but it didn’t blow me away. I am sure that at the time it was made it was the best mobster movie ever made, but now we have movies like Casino and Goodfellas which are way better movies in my opinion. I would give it a 7.5/10

    I watched The Secret in their Eyes. I really liked this movie. I heard Jay’s review and I thought it sounded interesting. Julia Roberts was great (and I’m not usually a fan). There is one really powerfull scene with her that really shows her acting ability. This movie is well worth your time. 7.5/10

    Futureworld – The sequel to Westworld (on Karl’s reccomendation). This is a very different movie to Westworld. Westworld was more of an sci-fi / action / thriller and Fututreworld is more of a sci-fi / mystery / thriller. I actually enjoyed this more than Westworld, it was more disturbing and I liked the mystery element a lot. I would give this 8/10

    VHS – Really good movie. I enjoyed some stories more than others but there were some very creepy stories in there. 7/10

    May – I loved this movie! It was so weird and messed up. I had a great time watching it. The actress who played May was very convincing. She was so awkward and socially backwards. Awesome movie 8.5/10

    • I forgot Kill List. This movie started out as a normal hit man movie. By the end it was “WTF did I just see”? As soon as it finished I jumped onto the internet to see what other people’s interpretation of the movie was. There are a few different ideas as to the meaning of things in the movie. It was very disturbing, and the ending was horrific. I enjoyed the movie and I would give it an 8/10.

  7. Got to see Arrival tonight. Really looking forward to you guys’ take on it. All of you should definitely see it.

    It’s a 9/10 for me while I will concede I’m curious to how it holds up on a second viewing.

    But definitely in BMOTY contention.

  8. ARRIVAL is a very smart sci-fi story about a first contact and attempt at communicating with aliens. I hate to say I was underwhelmed, because I really did like it quite a lot, but I think I had higher expectations for it being something more transcendent, somehow. It was a little slow, though, and the payoff/resolution was good, but also kind of what I expected at a certain point. Still, one of the better original movies of the year, for sure. And at this point, I’m happy for anything original and thoughtful, compared to a lot of the retreads and “requels” we’ve had. I’m giving it an 8.5.

    Speaking of BMOTY, mine is still SING STREET, and I see that it is now on Netflix, so if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, by all means, go hither and partake.

    • Btw, Karl, I just caught up with the part of the podcast where you were wondering about Oscar films in 2016. Weren’t you a big fan of Sing Street, too? I agree it’s been a weak year, especially compared to 2015, and normally I wouldn’t think of a movie with that style as an Oscar type, but I think it has a chance this year. I hope it gets some kind of nomination. I think it deserves a Best Picture nom, but if not that, then at least for best song (“Drive it Like You Stole It”).

      I think Zootopia was better overall than Kubo (which I hate to say because I had such high hopes for that), but it won’t surprise or disappoint me if Kubo takes it.

      I think Genius was great and might get a nod (though I kind of doubt it, as it’s had a mixed reception), and Netflix’ Little Prince might get nominated. Meryl Streep is always possible. The Coens will probably get a screenplay nod for Hail Caesar. But other than some obvious Oscar type movies coming out soon (Manchester by the Sea), there are no obvious ones. J, you’re probably right about Birth of a Nation, but if so, that would be emblematic of the year… it was just okay, not great.

      • Oh, Hunt for the Wilderpeople could sneak in there. And would deserve it this year, but last year that wouldn’t have made my top 10.

        Agreed about Goodman in Cloverfield. He has a chance.

  9. On the topic of spoilers – I completely agree with Ryan. There are too many sources already where a movie can be spoiled even if somebody is trying to avoid them. A lot of these are already common knowledge anyway – it is like somebody complaining about Jesus dying at the end of the Passion (SPOILER).

  10. I’ll disagree with J a bit about The Jones’. I had low expectations but found it pretty entertaining, and I thought it had more laughs than Masterminds. And much as I did appreciate Gal Gadot, I found Isla Fisher quite funny and charming as Zach’s wife. Nothing spectacular overall, but I’ll give it a 6.5 and think it’s a great rental or Netflix choice.

    I have no interest in seeing Jack Reacher 2, but I’ve kept hearing in reviews of that about how good the original is, and I’d never seen it. Rented it from iTunes a couple weeks ago and loved it. Great action flick, and damn, is Werner Herzog awesome as the villain. 8.5

  11. Hearing J’s list at the end of upcoming movies made me laugh thinking about Ryan’s fake ones.

    Some of those are out already. I saw Amanda Knox on Netflix. Pretty good, but not nearly as interesting as something like Making a Murderer. I’ll give it a 6. – Denial had me gripped early on, but also gets a bit tedious after a while. 6.5 – Voyage of Time is awesome. I saw the shorter IMAX version with Brad Pitt, and according to some reviews I’ve read that’s the better version. More focused and doesn’t wear out its welcome. Either way, well worth a look. 9

  12. Eric; thanks for the alert about “Sing Street” being on Netflix. That’s super helpful, my friend.

    I loved the episode where Dark Mark’s wife Chris was on. I thought she had a particularly interesting Top 5. I hate to add movies to my to watch queue on the recommendation of only one friend, so I’m bringing it to you guys; in your opinions, are these worth my time?

    5- Stripes (I’m assuming she meant the 1981 version with Bill Murray)
    4- Amelie (The only one I’ve seen, and yeah. Of course I love it.)
    3- Bringing up Baby (1938?)
    2- Videodrome
    1- Waking Sleeping Beauty (I’m doing this one for sure. Suuuuper interesting to me.)

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