Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 182: Allegiant (2016) and The Bronze (2016) and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday (2016) and Yosemite (2016) and The Wave (2016)

Episode 182

Episode 182 of Movie Podcast Weekly is another humdinger of a show! Family-friendly, yet offensive, this episode of MPW brings you four Feature Reviews of The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1 and The Bronze and Yosemite and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday and The Wave.

If you’re new to our show… Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts — Jason, Andy, Karl and Geek Cast Ry — along with frequent guests. We give you our verdicts on at least one new movie release from the current year that’s currently playing in theaters, as well as several mini reviews of whatever we’ve been watching lately. New episodes release every single week!


I. Introduction
— Jason breaks his 182-week streak to defy this past weekend’s releases
— Whining about iTunes (and no MPW respect!)
— Grateful for listener iTunes reviews
– Ep. 180 comments
– Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice this week!

[ 0:16:25 ] II. Mini Reviews
– Jay skipped Ryan’s Mini Reviews last week. Sorry!
Ryan: Daredevil Season 2, Podcast recommendation: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
– E-mail from Noel
– Siri’s favorite movie
Karl: The Ten Commandments (1956) in theaters (Fathom Events), Ben-Hur (1959), Westworld (1973), Future World (1976), House of Cards Season 4
Andy: The Man Who Wasn’t There, Update on Andy’s no-carb diet (for Gomez98), Hostage (2005)
– Hidden Netflix categories
– Andy’s look-alikes
Jason: 10 Cloverfield Lane, new Ghostbusters trailer, Kung Fu Panda 2, Seven Steps of Kung Fu (1979) (also known as Kung Fu of Seven Steps), Collision Course (1989)

WTF: Very lame-looking Spider-Man feature films
The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)
Spider-Man Strikes Back (1978)
Spider-Man: The Dragon’s Challenge (1979)

— Jason says watch this awful intro for the ’80s TV show “Automan”
— Hilarious SNL skit with Kate McKinnon cracking up Ryan Gosling

III. New in Theaters This Past Weekend:
The Divergent Series: Allegient – Part 1
Miracles From Heaven
Midnight Special
The Bronze
The Program
My Golden Days
Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday


[ 0:57:13 ] IV. Feature Review: ALLEGIANT (2016)
Karl = 7.5 ( Theater / Buy it! )

[ 1:06:13 ] V. Feature Review: YOSEMITE (2016)
Jason = 4.5 ( Avoid )

[ 1:14:07 ] VI. Feature Review: PEE-WEE’S BIG HOLIDAY (2016)
Ryan = 6.5 ( Avoid )

[ 1:26:33 ] VII. Full SPOILERS Feature Review: THE BRONZE (2016) [ Full SPOILERS ]
Andy = 3 ( Avoid )

[ 1:37:25 ] VIII. Feature Review: THE WAVE (2016)
Jason = 8 ( Must-See / Strong Rental )

[ 1:45:54 ] IX. Planning for MPW Episode 200
– Christian’s commentary idea: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
– Voicemail from Josiah in Houston, TX
– Idea for Ep. 200 by Skip Sanders
– Idea for Ep. 200 by Eric
– Ideas for Ep. 200 by Dino
– Idea for Ep. 200 by Juan

X. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

Episode 183 where we’ll be reviewing “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “The Invitation.” We’ll also bring you a spoiler-filled continuation of our discussion about “10 Cloverfield Lane.” Join us!


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51 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 182: Allegiant (2016) and The Bronze (2016) and Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday (2016) and Yosemite (2016) and The Wave (2016)

  1. This may break Jay’s heart or convince him I’m going to hell, but I’m actually in the middle of watching The Ten Commandments for the first time. I watched the first half on Saturday and plan on watching the second half (Everything after intermission) on Easter Sunday. While I can certainly appreciate the epic feel of the movie with it’s huge cast, the sets, and costumes, it’s so boring. I find it difficult to stay awake and the acting has been pretty lousy thus far. Everyone acts so corny and over the top as if they’re in some cheap high school play rather than a big budget box office hit. Perhaps I’m just some heathen, but once I finish the movie later today, I think I’ll be good with never having to watch it again.

    Maybe it would be bearable if it wasn’t like sixteen hundred hours long.

    I agree with iTunes though. iTunes is a giant headache. I went through so many problems in just trying to leave reviews for MPW and it’s sister sites. The worst part about iTunes is that I’ve used it for so long that it’s a total clash of styles when I try to use another music program.

    My condolences goes out to Andy for once again having to endure another superhero movie talk next week.

  2. Just got back from seeing Batman v Superman and I really enjoyed it…now I gotta wait a week to listen to guys trash it next week…?

  3. Hey, I could use some help with something… There’s a movie (or possibly TV show) where a character is trying to do something or figure something out (real specific, huh?), and what they have mistaken for a “job” ends up being a reference to Job from the Bible. Anybody know what I’m referring to?

    The third in the Divergent series should have been called…
    1. Divergent
    2. Insurgent
    3. Detergent

    And of course they’d have justified splitting it into two films, because well, double load. ;o)

    Looking forward to watching the new Pee Wee movie soon. Looks fun. Haven’t made it to Ryan’s review yet, but I’m intrigued to see a combination of a 6.5 and an “avoid.”

    The good thing about BvS for me is I’m going in (tomorrow, probably) with very low expectations. I was not excited at all by the trailers. Looks loud and angry and so darn serious. And I love the Nolan Batman films, but those are their own kind of dark and edgy and have an amazing writer and director behind them. This just looks pretty bad to me. But… maybe it’s better than I’ll expect and I’ll be surprised. I’m actually more excited to see it than I thought I’d be, because I am hopeful there will be enough good stuff to appreciate. What would you rate it, Shannon, and any more specific thoughts about it? (Or perhsps wait on that until the next MPW ep.)

      • Yep, “Mission: Impossible” — Job 314 (Job 3:14). : )
        Nice work, Eric.

        I remember the first time I saw that movie (in theaters), I knew immediately that it was referring to the Book of Job from the Bible and not just some “job.” I was proud of myself.

        • Nice work to my 11 yo daughter, actually. In church yesterday she was looking in Job and asked me about what movie it was that had that Job reference. She even mentioned she thought it had Tom Cruise. I mentioned M:I, but I was referring to the one from last year. We hadn’t seen the original in about 3 years. That’s an amazing memory. It sounded familiar to me and it was bugging me to figure it out, which is why I asked, but then was able to find it in another search online (I had tried a few different search strings, but most had come up with references to the Steve Jobs movie).

    • Balls….I wish I woulda said that Divergent/Detergent joke, or any derivative of it….well done sir. :-) I love that cornball stuff!!

  4. Regarding Batman v Superman…
    There’s much fervor among us to discuss this movie when we record tonight, so I’m going to really try to get this episode released as soon as possible.

    Hint: … We have to warn the masses… ha ha

    P.S. Supposedly, we’ll all four bring you a SPOILER-FILLED review of “10 Cloverfield Lane” this week, as well. (Ryan should be seeing it today.) So, if you haven’t see it yet, make sure you watch “10 Cloverfield Lane” before wasting time on BvS….

    • Looking forward to the follow-up on 10 Cloverfield Lane. I did see it again last week, and I now appreciate the ending without any reservations. I had enjoyed it fine the first time, but had some reservations afterwards. This time, just love.

      Sounds like I better make sure to see BvS today before you guys might convince me to avoid.

    • This is good news. I know it’s early in the year, but as things currently stand I think 10 Cloverfield Lane might be at the top of my list.

      • I’m locked in at Deadpool number 1 cause a absolutely adore that movie and 10 Cloverfield Lane number 2…I’m sure Civil War is a done deal but nothing is exciting me looking at the schedule this year…I’m counting on the hidden gems like last years Bone Tomahawk…

  5. Jay, I think I sent you a twitter once warning you about how slow The Assassin was. Anyway, I’m with you, bro. I fell asleep a bunch of times while trying to watch it and I even got a beer and snacks to help me get through it but it was just too slow. And this is coming from a guy who loves slow movies! It was beautiful to look at though, just not my cup of tea. I’m curious what Josh thinks of it. I can’t imagine him liking it a whole lot either.

    • Juan, I agree. Beautiful, but slow. Although, I can’t bring myself to lock in my final answer on it, as I really missed so much of it. Now it can be streamed, I plan to re-visit it, hopefully soon. I kinda thing J-Diggity would like it. Maybe he can hit it up on MSW.

    • Oh yeah, how’s about the Producer not getting you gracious I-Tunes review compliment? That’s gratitude for ya!

      Maybe you should enlighten him to the hip, abbreviated ways of the interwebs, and inform him what G.O.A.T. stands for. An old fogey like me only knows it because of Michael Jordan and the many appreciations of him on-line. :-)

  6. ***in a sweet, cherubic tone*** “Daddy, why does Mr. Pyles want to pway basebawl with wohbahts?”

    “Uhhhh….you’ll get it when you’re older….and Martha, we need to stop having family time with the children, sitting around the tablet, listening to MPW.”

    Movie Podcast Weekly….ruining family podcast bonding time across the nation. Way to go, Pyles!!!

  7. Jay – glad I could help with Automan. But, whammy, your suggestion to check out the intro on YouTube was a dangerous time-sucking vortex that I ill-advisedly followed. Man, there were some terrifically horrendous shows back then. So many good ones. Nothing beats The Greatest American Hero, though. Nightrider came close, but it was TGAH for me, all the way. The Phoenix got me in some deep trouble with my Grandma, who babysat me at the time. Because of it, I found an old top from an already opened can of soup and secretly carried it around as my magical talisman. It was dirty and sharp and rusty….I’m lucky I didn’t get tetanus, which my Grandmother let me know, several times. :-)

    The rabbit-hole I fell down really took me back. Thanks!

  8. So, a little more on BvS. I didn’t hate it, but definitely didn’t love it. It was long, labored, lugubrious, and lacking levity. (And yes, I am an asinine abuser of alliteration!)

    I have a hard time appreciating something like this after the Nolan Dark Knight films, which I absolutely love (and yes, I do love Dark Knight Rises, though it is the weakest of the three). There is just so much more depth in those movies, thematically and in terms of the writing and dialogue and direction.

    I already mentioned the overuse of slo-mo in BvS, but even many of the regular-speed scenes seemed to be dragged out, as if taking longer to do something would make it more dramatic. And everyone is so absolutely serious about everything. I kind of liked Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, but for what interesting energy and mannerisms he gave to it, it wasn’t written with *any* humor, whereas Heath Ledger had a similarly edgy take with his Joker, but there was some real wit and character there, both as portrayed and written.

    Batfleck was okay, though it seemed like he was trying too hard to be too serious. Again, so hard to appreciate this when we just had a wonderfully layered Batman series just a few years back. If I could objectively remove that series from my memory, I’d say Affleck was fine in the role.

    I do really like Wonder Woman, from what we see of her. Her musical theme, introduced later when she’s fully in hero character, is awesome. I hope that continues into her solo movie, which I am more excited to see after this.

    Also, any movie where I get to see Amy Adams with some frequency is something I’m going to want to watch, and Laurence Fishburne was great as Perry White, but that’s a small part. Jeremy Irons seems wasted as Alfred, though. Compare the impact or memorable moments he has in this film (none, really) to those of Michael Caine in the Dark Knight trilogy. Not even close.

    Thematically, I did find the basic idea of how the world would deal with a real Superman/Christ figure, and its implications for what that might mean politically and in terms of safety and procedure, to be very interesting, but the film doesn’t really give that a whole lot of weight or time, ultimately. It sets some things up which are explored a bit, but then, well, there’s no real resolution or continuation of that as of a certain point.

    Action-wise, nothing special. More CGI fighting and big colossal monsters destroying things and being destroyed. I did enjoy the fight Batman has about halfway through in a warehouse, and the confrontation with him and Superman is pretty solid, dramatically.

    Hard to rate this one, but I’m going with a 5.5. And that’s probably lower than it deserves compared to a lot of what’s out there, but I have to rate that on a curve to the much better superhero films we’ve seen recently. Knock an hour off (removing some of the slo-mo’s and dream sequences would probably do it), focus a bit more on the political implications theme, add a little bit of levity, and it would probably be more in the 7-8 territory.

    • Ben Affleck bombed in Batman v Superman Yo!!!

      FTFY :o)

      Just kidding. He was pretty good in the role, but I think it was a little bit thankless, as it was all so super serious. Christian Bale’s Batman/Bruce Wayne, as written, is often serious, but also displays a softer side and some wit from time to time. I’ll definitely give Affleck another chance in his own Batman film, but hopefully there will be a different writer and director for that.

      • I think Affleck did great with what he was given, which was not much. But he rocked it as much as he could. We also have to keep in mind that his version of Batman is a much different Batman than the general public is used to. His is taken straight from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. In that regard, I think he played the part perfectly.

        • And just fyi, I’m not defending the movie. I share a lot of the same thoughts you give in your review, which is great by the way. I’ll share my thoughts shortly.

          • Thanks, Juan. I’m not really a comics guy, so I do appreciate to know that he did well by that version.

            And of course, as a side note, I’m aware that I repeatedly compared BvS to the Nolan Dark Knight films, and that Nolan was an Executive Producer on this film. Probably had minimal input, creatively, though I did read somewhere that the ending was his idea.

  9. Guys,
    Please do the commentary on Tucker and Dale Vs Evil. Really think you guys would have a blast doing it, and I would love to hear it. First time commentor BTW.

  10. Jason – As luck would have it, Collision Course is actually streaming right now on HBO GO/NOW. If you don’t have an HBO subscription, then you can start a free trial.

    And, speaking of HBO, how is your Game of Thrones journey going?

  11. As far as my “live show” wish goes, since Andy will be in Alaska, that obviously won’t work for episode 200. His suggestion of doing it for the 4-year anniversary was a good one, though. And, while I would prefer to go out to Utah (a meet-up would be a good excuse to do The Mighty 5), Indiana would certainly be a more central location.

    I also think a live show would be good for the end-of-the-year “best movies of 2016” show, but probably not “live in front of an audience” (because of the holidays). That might be a good one to stream on YouTube or Periscope, though.

    Ry promised to Periscope his castration for GCL (am I right, Ry?), so that could be the live stream guinea pig.

    • Jason – As a bonus for the live stream option, you could setup the stream to be your computer screen with the Skype call showing windows for Andy, Karl and Ryan. You know, like Unfriended.

  12. Hello MPW,

    Thanks for another wonderful podcast that I have listened to over and over again Andy has the perfect voice that helps me to fall asleep each night… LOL!!! :)

    But Seriously Jason I was shocked to hear about you not going to the movie theater this weekend and see something but I guess all great streaks must come to an end. I look forward to the next streak which begins NOW!!! STREAK STREAK STREAK!! However the streak was never the goal right Jason???

    Your recommendation of the “Wave” was spot on I gave it a 8 also I love disaster flicks and this one had me on my edge of my seat. I watched it this Easter Sunday on Amazon and it rates up on my list of the top 10 disaster films of all time. However some of the story was very predictable even taking a page out of the “San Andreas” film at the end, but the movie has drama and great disaster scenes. Once again J you have recommended a great film.

    Andy I am very pleased that you are taking one for the team and seeing what ever J recommends before your Alaska trip you will be missed… If you don’t mind I would like to recommend a documentary movie that I watched the other night on Netflix called the “Barkley Marathons” it is a 100 mile race with a twist my rating for it is an 8.5 and I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Promise won’t fall asleep when you review it!

    Once again thanks for doing a great job and if you ever do a live show I would love to be there to laugh, applaud and cheer you on!!!

    Until next week enjoy your movies and look forward to your reviews!!!

    Mario (LOON) Leon

  13. GeekCast Ryan!!! Wow what a great call on the Dan Carlin. I have listened to every one of his free podcasts, been listening to him for a while but YOU are absolutely correct about the WW1. Its amazing! Good call.

  14. Ssshhh..don’t tell, but I’m hoping to sneakily play some mid-day hookie tomorrow and catch Midnight Special, which I’m excited for. I hope to have a brief review around late afternoon time. Wish me luck :-)

  15. Fun episode. I kept waiting for Jay to mention that “The Wave” was directed by a guy named Roar. Granted, not as joyful as if a disaster movie about man-eating lions attacking a safari had been named a guy name Roar, but still ticklish enough to be amusing.

    What I really want to know about “The Wave” is whether anyone in the movie hops in a speedboat, steers directly into the wave, and tries to escape by “getting over it before it crests.” Because that would be awesome.

    My wife and I recently Redbox-ed the second “Divergent” movie, “Insurgent,” because the initial trailers for “Allegiant” came out so long ago that I was sure the movie where they run up the wall like wall-running badasses had to be the one that was new at Redbox. (Alas.) I’m not super engaged by the series as a whole, but the movies are mildly Redbox-able if dystopian YA lit is your thing. More comparable to the “Maze Runner” movies in terms of quality, etc., than to the “Hunger Games” quadrilogy. One thing that surprised me a little is the level of violence: Two execution-style handgun murders in the course of just one movie, which seems rather brutal/dark, given the target audience.

    Also, the title is particularly funny in light of the fact that the final installment is NOT “The Divergent Series: Allegiant: Part II.” Instead they’re calling it “The Divergent Series: Ascendant.”

  16. Ok, here we go…

    Good movie. I had the feeling of watching a Firestarter on a Saturday afternoon in the 80s/early 90s, which wasn’t a bad thing. The score was 80’s slasher-esque at times, which was nice to build ominous tension, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The movie’s definitely not a slasher flick, and I’m sure there’s a better way to explain what I’m trying to get across about the score.

    The cast is great. The plot/storyline might be a tad slow for Jay, but he will love the father/son-ness of it all. There’s one scene, in particular, near the end that had me choked up a bit.

    Although they are different movies, I’m gonna say that I feel like I liked Mud and Take Shelter better than this. But, that being said, it’s still a good to possibly great movie. For now, I’m giving it an 8, with expectations of giving it an 8.5-9 on further viewings.

    I definitely need to re-visit Firestarter, Mud and Take Shelter…all great flicks.

    Getting juiced for the 10 Cloverfield review. I’ll be seeing it on Sunday. :-)

  17. I’m looking forward to hearing your guys review BvS. I hope it isn’t just a hate fest. I’ve had it with people calling the film a complete failure/absolute mess. It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly watchable. Here are some things that worked for me:



    I loved how they addressed the aftermath of Supe’s battle with General Zod at the end “Man of Steel.” I thought the story buildup to the showdown between Bats and Superman was good. It made sense to me. I can’t understand why some critics struggled with the plot. The plot and dialogue worked really well for me. I liked the philosophical questions being asked about God, absolute power, vigilante violence, etc. This was good stuff. This was a much weightier movie addressing much weightier issues than most superhero movies.

    Some people hated how a lot of the questions, especially those revolving around Superman’s role as savior, were never answered in the film. Superman’s story resolution was supposedly cut short due to the ending. More illusions to Christ perhaps? Okay, I’m rambling a bit…


    I loved how dark this movie was! There is nothing fun and fluffy about this movie. It felt far from the playful, all-ages fun of the bulk of the Marvel movies. And I for one enjoy it. I enjoyed Nolan’s Batman series and Man of Steel for the same reason. A lot of people were put off by this, but I LOVE IT. It makes everything mean more. People complain about the excess explosions and mayhem, but I think this movie had way less of that nonsense than a movie like “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” We just notice it more in a movie like BvS because the playfulness of the violence is not there.

    And I am tired of people pining for the lightheartedness of “Superman” (1978). That movie is not that great. And sheesh, leave Cavill’s Superman alone! He does fine. And I like that he is a bit more brooding. I’d be a little somber too if I was getting the kind of attention Superman was getting. How should Cavill have played it?

    And I am no expert on the history of the Lex Luther character, but I liked what Jesse Eisenberg did. Some critics were confused about his motivations. His erractic party speech personifies his character well:

    “Books are knowledge and knowledge is power, and I am… no. Um, no. What am I? What was I saying? The bittersweet pain among men is having knowledge with no power because… because that is *paradoxical* and, um… thank you for coming.”

    This wacko is so smart! And his big hang-up is his lust for power that he has not yet realized. He hates Superman because Superman is the most powerful being. Lex feels he should be what Superman is. That’s good stuff. Lex is easily the most fleshed out bad guy in a while, up there with the likes of Ultron and Ledger’s Joker and eons better than the forgettable villains in Thor 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-man, etc.

    The Weird Moments:

    The dream sequences and more allegorical poetic moments through me off for a bit. But overall I liked them. I liked how this movie tried to do so much. It didn’t feel like they were trying to play it safe. This isn’t a catchy pop song that catches your ear’s attention early but then wears out it’s welcome after a few listens. This is like a song that takes some effort from the listener, but rewards the listeners who stick with it.

    Now all this being said, there were definitely some off moments. Here are a few of the most glaring for me:

    Batman’s on a Killing Spree

    To see Batman killing was jarring. I know the 80s Batman killed plenty, but Nolan’s ‘try not to kill’ take on Batman was too fresh in my mind. Affleck was fine and the big Batman action sequence was the highlight of the film, but the killing felt a bit off. Especially since Alfred seemed so shocked about Batman branding criminals. Uh, news to Alfred, your boy is also blowing people up, stabbing people, etc. Branding some criminals with a cool bat-logo seems like a minor offense when compared to all his other crimes.

    Shoe-horning In the Justice League

    The video captured of the Flash was good. The others were just silly and it all felt way too forced to me. Enough said. Most people I think agree (and where is the fun in that?).


    Doomsday wasn’t great. And it felt like a Marvel movie, just not as well done.

    The Trailer

    Honestly, this movie’s biggest problem was the trailer. It revealed everything that would have made me geek out in the theater! Had the trailer kept Wonder Woman and Doomsday secret, I think the movie would have had a better closing punch to the pleasure part of the brain.

    All in all, this movie is no masterpiece but is certainly not a steaming pile as many would have you believe. It is a solid 7/10, but I am going with a 7.5/10, because I’m a sucker for Batman and a superhero movie that dared to be different.

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