Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 146: Self / Less (2015) and Minions (2015) and Strangerland (2015)

Episode 146

Welcome to Movie Podcast Weekly. This is Episode 146. In this show, we bring you three Feature Reviews of Self / Less and Minions and Strangerland. Thanks for listening.

If you’re new to our show… Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts — Jason, Andy, Karl and Geek Cast Ry — along with frequent guests. We give you our verdicts on at least one new movie release from the current year that’s currently playing in theaters, as well as several mini reviews of whatever we’ve been watching lately. And we usually provide specialized genre recommendations. New episodes release every single Wednesday.


I. Introduction

[ 0:01:07 ] II. Mini Reviews
Karl: Daredevil, Sense8
Ryan: Orange Is the New Black Season 3
Jason: Comic-Con trailers and reels: New Batman v Superman trailer, Star Wars Ep. VII reel, Suffragette trailer
Andy: Homeland Episode 1, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

— Some sound advice: Shark Lady viral YouTube video

III. New in Theaters This Past Weekend:
The Gallows
Boulevard [ Limited ]
Do I Sound Gay? [ Limited ]
Tangerine [ Limited ]
Nowitzki: The Perfect Shot [ Limited ]
Meet Me in Montenegro [ Limited ]


[ 0:32:53 ] IV. Feature Review: SELF / LESS (2015)
Jason = 5 ( Low-priority Rental )

[ 0:42:06 ] V. Feature Review: MINIONS (2015)
Karl = 5 ( Rental )

[ 0:47:19 ] VI. Feature Review: STRANGERLAND (2015)
Jason = 4 ( Avoid )

Jesus of Nazareth (1977)
Jason = 10 ( Buy it! / Must-see Masterpiece)

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

Episode 147 for our Feature Reviews of “Ant-Man,” “Mr. Holmes,” “Trainwreck” and “The Gallows” with special guests: The Geek Cast Live Podcast hosts. Join us!


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36 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 146: Self / Less (2015) and Minions (2015) and Strangerland (2015)

  1. Seriously though…I can’t wait for the David Lynch episode….I’m going to go back and rewatch them this week…

      • Wild at Heart is by far my favorite and I love Twin Peaks and I watched The Elephant Man I don’t know how many times growing up…I like them all…even Dune…Heck he even makes an old guy riding a lawnmower across Iowa fascinating…

        • I actually think “Dune” is kind of unfairly maligned. It’s definitely a flawed movie but the book is so dense, esoteric and detached that it’s nigh on unadaptable in movie form. Lynch’s version isn’t the most compelling or coherent narrative but I never find it uninteresting or insulting. Visually it’s quite a feast.

          • I agree with Dune being impossible to make as a film…Lyncheven refuses to talk about Dune and in some versions of the film his name is credited as Alan Smithee…a pseudonym used by directors who wished not to be associated with a film for which they would normally be credited…so obviously he had a bad experience with the production company on that film…I just read he was offered to direct Return of the Jedi…now that could have been interesting to say the least…

          • I don’t know, bros. That movie is pretty much unwatchable. I’ve never been able to get past the first 10 minutes without falling asleep and I’ve never been able to finish it :/

  2. You guys really know how to sell your podcast right up front. Hilarious. I half-wished this was my first episode… just to see how I’d react.

  3. Karl, I get your hesitancy regarding “Star Wars The Force Awakens”. Hopefully in their attempt to return to the magic of the original trilogy, they don’t forget to move things forward.

    As for you Jason: RELAX my friend. I am sure the DC brain trust isn’t just “rushing into things” with the Justice League. I for one appreciate that they are trying to do things differently than Marvel. I love the darker, operatic tone. I am glad we won’t get years of solo-film buildup (superhero movies are getting a bit old, right?). Maybe there won’t even be stingers, which means I can just pack up and leave once the credits begin to roll.

    I watch Marvel to enjoy superhero popcorn fluff. Hopefully DC can bring something a bit weightier. I want to see Gods vs. men! I want to see destruction that makes you squirm a bit, instead of just chuckle. Heck, maybe DC will even have the stones to kill some of their characters.

    I am surprised that you watched that EPIC trailer and just came away with a complaint regarding Wonder Woman’s three seconds of wardrobe. To me she didn’t look any sillier than Thor and that has been working, right?

    Also, did you see the preview to “Suicide Squad?” DC is taking some early risks and I think it will pay off. I enjoy Marvel, but I look forward to DC’s efforts.

    • I’m a fan of both Marvel and DC both on-screen and off-screen. I think Marvel has done a… marvelous job. I don’t think their movies have been fluff at all. They have their hits and their misses and some movies are better than others, but compared to what DC has offered* so far, Marvel is years ahead. The trailer for both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are terrible trailers. All they did was show me a bunch of pretty imagery that means nothing to me. They didn’t get me excited. Now, that doesn’t mean that the movies will be bad. I actually have high hopes for Batman v Superman. I just think it’s a weird way to get the DC cinematic universe going.

      *I don’t count the Dark Knight trilogy because they’re not Batman movies, they’re Christopher Nolan movies. The same goes for the Tim Burton movies.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I mean fluff in the best possible sense: just good old fashioned popcorn entertainment. Nothing too weighty, just good fun. I enjoy most of the Marvel movies. My favorite is probably “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (probably the darkest Marvel movie, I’m guessing, though I haven’t given it much thought).

        I hope DC learns from Nolan and steers the DC cinematic universe to more closely align with the tone of The Dark Knight Trilogy. And I think they already leaned that way with “Man of Steel”. I know there are a lot of haters when it comes to MofS, but I for one dug it.

        To each his own regarding the “Batman v. Superman” trailer. It got me excited. Now I just need to avoid all other trailers and hopefully I’ll have a spoiler-free movie experience in 2016.

    • But Vance, even when there isn’t a stinger, is it really right to just pack up and roll out the second the credits begins to roll? Maybe Marvel is just slyly tricking viewers into (albeit casually and not all that devotedly) giving a little passing respect to the legions of filmmakers who work on their films.

  4. MPW-ers, I finally caught up with season 2 episode 1 of TRUE DETECTIVE last night… man, was that a rough one. Please, PLEASE, tell me it gets better.

    • I’ve read that it does get better, but it hasn’t reached the level of quality of the first season. I haven’t seen the show yet, but how can you top Matthew McConaughey and Woodey Harrelson?

      • I was expecting a letdown after the awesomeness of season 1, but I think the first episode of season 2 was pretty awful on its own merit… irregardless of any expectations set by season 1.

        You should really get to season 1, Juan. It’s pretty fantastic.

      • My guess* is he wants to finish season 1 before reviewing, and then he’ll do each episode rapid-fire for a solid 5-minute mini-review.


        • I have a strange question for you both. I’ve been saving a few GOT themed beers for when I catch up with the show. Well, I’ve been catching up and right now I’m on episode 4 of season 2 and I think it’s time for me to start uncorking those suckers, but I want to drink them at the right time. So, which episodes would you say go with a red ale, a stout, and a belgian quad? They don’t have to necessarily be the three best episodes, but rather… ah you guys are smart. I trust your recommendations.

          • I’m watching episode 5 of True Detective season 2 right now…and I knew going in it wouldn’t be close to season 1 but it is a totally different beast…Season 1 was horror as this one is more a fucked upped cop drama…I like it and am sure its gonna have a crazy ending…

            • The wife and I watched episode 2 last night… man, oh man. The very end of the episode was great, BUT the whole rest of the episode was rough. Really rough. Shannon, I hope you’re right about this thing turning around; my guess is that we (my wife and I) are only going to give it one more episode to see if it gets better. Might seem harsh to essentially give up after two episodes, but that’s already a quarter of the way through the eight-episode season.

              I guess one ray of hope is that season 2 had multiple directors. The first two episodes were directed by Justin Lin, and those are the only two he directed. So, maybe things will improve. Still… as good as the writing was for season 1, season 2’s writing is really pretty terrible. Not sure how much difference a new director will make.

          • I’d recommend the stout to accompany Season 2 Episode 9 “Blackwater” (my favourite episode of that season). The red ale would be the obvious choice for Season 3 Episode 9 “The Rains of Castamere” but considering the content of that episode you might need something a little stronger so maybe the quad would be a better idea. Wait and see what young Dino has to say.
            All I know is there’s nothing better than a good beer paired with an episode of GOT.

            • “Wait and see what young Dino has to say.”

              I love how I’m “young Dino” even though I’m 99% sure I’m older than both of you.

          • David, I was mistaken. It’s not a Belgian Quad, it’s a Dubbel Ale. Your recommendations sound great. I’m on episode 6 now, and should be getting to episode 9 sometime this week. I hope Dino throws in his two cents, but it’s very likely his recommendations will align with yours. I’m very excited, things are getting crazier by the minute!

            • Juan, this was a fun assignment. Refresh my memory – have you seen the entire series through season 5, or are you watching some of these for the first time?

              I’ll give a few options per beer given where you currently are on your re-watch. My recommendations…

              Take the Black Stout (Stout):
              – Blackwater (season 2 episode 9)
              – The Watchers on the Wall (season 4 episode 9)
              – Hardhome (season 5 episode 8)

              Fire and Blood (Red Ale):
              – And Now His Watch Is Ended (season 3 episode 4)
              – The Lion and the Rose (season 4 episode 2)
              – The Dance of Dragons (season 5 episode 9)

              Valar Morghulis (Dubbel):
              – Valar Morghulis (season 2 episode 10)
              – The Rains of Castamere (season 3 episode 9)
              – Mother’s Mercy (season 5 episode 10)

              p.s. Which dragon do you have on the label for Fire and Blood?

          • Wow Dino! You really did your homework there. I appreciate your thoughtfulness as always. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. I like that you’re giving me room to space the beers out into one per season. Here’s the order that I decided to follow in case you care to know:

            Take the Black Stout (Stout):
            – Blackwater (season 2 episode 9)

            Valar Morghulis (Dubbel):
            – The Rains of Castamere (season 3 episode 9)

            Fire and Blood (Red Ale):
            – The Lion and the Rose (season 4 episode 2)

            I forgot to look at which dragon is on the label of Fire and Blood but I’ll follow up on that my friend.

          • Hey guys, I just finished season two of GOT and holy güacamole Batman! That was good stuff. Lots of developments and setups to look forward to in season three. I fell in love with more characters and thankfully none of my favorites got their names crossed off the list, but a few seem to be in the endangered species list. Where does HBO find these ladies? Their shows always have the most incredible looking women. I’m not sure if the nudity factor is at play here but golly! Not to take away from their acting of course, which is very fine on its own right. Anyway, thanks Dino and David for your beer pairing recommendations. Spot on as always.

        • Haha no man. That’s what I’ve been saying all along, that I’m trying to catch up before anyone spoils things for me. The only season I watched was season one back when I had cable. I’m now on episode two of season three, but I’m out of discs for the time being. Hopefully Netflix will come through and I’ll be done with season three by the end of next week.

  5. MPW and HMP listeners,
    Jay here. Sincere apologies for my tardiness in posting episodes, of late, but it’s been one of those months… And yet, the content rolls forth! The shows may be late, but you know I’m good for it. It’s coming.

    This week’s MPW should be up by tomorrow (Friday, July 24). We have the hosts of the Geek Cast Live Podcast, and it’s a very irreverent, hilarious episode. Don’t miss it!

    And this week’s HMP should be up sometime on Saturday, July 25. By the way, this week’s HMP (Ep. 063) is a very special one that should not be missed… I directly address Producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions… If you care at all about the Horror genre, it is an absolute must-listen.

    • Fun episode, if rather abnormally succinct. I think one reason the episodes have tended to be brief in recent months is the increasing frequency of solo reviews. It’s hard for there to be any substantive deliberation, cross examination, rebuttal, etc. — to put it in terms that might sound familiar to, say, someone who hasn’t contributed to a feature review since June 17 — when only one guy has seen each movie every week.

  6. Lol, Jason, I’ll call the podcast soon then – a bit busy lately. Still have the newest episode to listen. I’m glad they come late because otherwise I would have A LOT to catch up…

    Karl, I agree with you. Trailers give away too much. I try to avoid them as well but mostly I watch them. My recent disappointment was after watching Spy trailer and then a movie. Most funny moments already appeared on the trailer.

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