The Multi Award-Winning Movie Podcast Weekly

Podbody Award Winners

On June 10, 2014, the First Annual Podbody Film & TV Podcasting Awards announced its nominees, and Movie Podcast Weekly received four different nominations (out of six categories). And today, July 24, 2014, the Podbody Award winners were announced, and we’re proud to report that Movie Podcast Weekly won for all four of those categories! Here are the results:

Best Podcast (Listeners’ choice)
Winner: Movie Podcast Weekly

Best Podcast Hosts (Group)
Winners: Jason, Josh, Andy, Karl — Movie Podcast Weekly

Podcasting Superstar
Winner: A guy named Andy…

Best Podcast Guest
Winner: “Wild Man” Willis Wheeler — Movie Podcast Weekly

We’re all humbled and grateful for this recognition. We’d like to thank the Podbody Awards and @Jape_Man for your consideration. And we’d like to thank our listeners for their continued support. We’d also like to thank the Wild Man for being our award-winning guest. In a few weeks we’ll be hitting Episode 100, and we’re looking forward to bringing you 100 more!

Thanks for listening.
Movie Podcast Weekly

(Pictured above, left to right: Andy, Jason, Karl, Josh at a midnight screening of “Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead” at the Sundance Film Festival 2014.)

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5 thoughts on “The Multi Award-Winning Movie Podcast Weekly

  1. Wow, you guys look like the podcasting version of The A-Team in that photograph!

    But seriously, congratulations. All those awards were very well deserved and it’s awesome to see you getting lots of recognition for all your hard work.

    I also think that The Horror Movie Podcast was equally as deserving but I guess that maybe doesn’t have quite the universal appeal of this one? Either way a very well done to you all!

  2. Way to go, guys! This totally justifies why I tell everyone that “Movie Podcast Weekly” is my favorite movie review podcast. Congratulation! Keep up the great work.

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