Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 092: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and Tim’s Vermeer (2014) and Jason’s Big Birthday Bash on the Terminator Franchise

Episode 092

Happy birthday to Jason! Welcome to Movie Podcast Weekly, Episode 092, in which we bring you Feature Reviews of “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and “Tim’s Vermeer.” But for our main event, we bring you a throw-back, Considering the Sequels Podcast-type of episode, where we review the entire “Terminator” franchise (to date). To help us with our birthday bash, we bring you two special guests: film critic Cody Clark and a brief, impromptu appearance by the Wild Man Willis Wheeler! If you like what you hear, please subscribe for FREE in iTunes.

Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts (and frequent guests), who give you their verdict on at least one new movie release that’s currently in theaters, mini reviews of what they’ve been watching lately and specialty recommendation segments. New episodes release every single Monday.


To be continued… (I’ll update the show notes very soon.)


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30 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 092: Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and Tim’s Vermeer (2014) and Jason’s Big Birthday Bash on the Terminator Franchise

  1. Hi David (and everyone else),
    Sorry this one was so late… Editing was a special sort of private hell this time (ha ha), and this show is 3 and a 1/2 hours long this week, so it took quite a bit of extra time. Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!
    Thanks for listening!

    P.S. Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July, Everybody!

    • Jason, you don’t get nearly enough props for the heroic labors of editing that you perform each week. Having been behind the curtain on this episode, I can conclusively state that Jay is a post-production wizard of the first order. Beautiful work putting together a final cut of this one.

    • No worries Jay, I know you must spend hours and hours of your free time putting these shows together and they’re always well worth the wait.

  2. Happy birthday Jay! Great, great episode. It was great hearing you talk so warmly about The Terminator. I feel exactly the same way. It’s a perfect movie for me and one that has warranted many, many revisits. It’s too bad that Josh and Andy aren’t on the same boat. At least Josh gave a good explanation as to why he’s not as excited about it. Andy’s explanation on the other hand was as lazy as ever. But that’s our Andy! Hahaha.

    • Juan — Thanks for the birthday wishes! You’re the best.

      And thanks for backing me up on “The Terminator.” I was impressed with the way Josh acknowledged the Terminator films and gave them some credit, since they’re really not his genre… And as for Andy, as you can tell, he has a strong aversion to time-travel movies. He hates them! I think it’s just another fun storytelling convention — and rather benign — myself.

      Also, I think Karl is with us on these movies… Karl would be on our side.

      Thanks for writing!

      • YOU”RE the best, Jay. Thank you so much for your efforts as pointed out by Cody. I think that we’re all aware of how much work you put into this podcast and I think that we’re all grateful for it. At least, I know I am. Keep up the good work and don’t give up on this! :)

  3. Okay so far I’m just a little way into the Terminator discussion and I have to say I’m kind of baffled by Andy’s dismissal of time travel movies. Is he suggesting that just because a concept is theoretically imperfect it is “stupid”? Isn’t that missing the entire point of Science Fiction? Does he think that just because a concept isn’t 100% realistic it has no narrative value and shouldn’t be explored? Not to mention the fact that cinema is an art form inherently dependant on suspension of disbelief. We can spend our whole lives picking apart logical and scientific problems in even the greatest movies but I’m with Cody in that if you watch a film and are drawn in enough to not notice these kind of issues during the cinematic experience then it doesn’t really matter.

    Also aren’t actual scientists still coming up with problematic, contradiction riddled theories about the nature of the universe and time travel? If that’s the case surely we can give a fictional movie made 30 years ago a pass?

    Oh Andy!

    – David

    P.S. Happy birthday Jay! Hope you have a great day and spend it having fun with your family!

    • Andy contradicts himself so much! Is this what lawyers do? On one side, he sort of champions animated films whenever someone doesn’t like them or give them a chance. He even goes as far as to call them heartless. But then he turns a 180 and completely dismisses comic book movies! His reason again is that they’re “stupid”. Andy, where is your heart then? Have you no heart?! :( But he’s funny, so he can do whatever he wants. He needs to have a show of his own. Jay, one of these days you should fake an intro to “The Andy Show” replete with a laughter track and everything :)

  4. The problem with time travel movies is that the plot uses time travel to solve (or attempt to solve) one problem but yet it doesn’t use time travel to solve other problems. If time travel is a possible solution then there shouldn’t be an original conflict. Time travel allows for lazy story telling. I will fight about this…(not really, but I can’t seem to check my brain during movies).

    • Andy that’s definitely a valid criticism and I can see why it proves difficult for you to see past it but to me it’s akin to saying “how come they didn’t go straight to the police?” with regards to a horror movie or “how come the villain didn’t just kill the hero when he had the chance?” with regards to an action movie. These may be legitimate flaws in logic but without them the narrative would be resolved in about a quarter of the time and we wouldn’t have a movie.

      That’s not to say that I think such complaints are automatically void, I just think some films handle these issues better than others. Personally I think the fact that the Terminator franchise (at least the first two movies) doesn’t really elaborate on the specific mechanics of their form of time travel works to its advantage. I always thought the implication was that the time travel in the reality of those movies was subject to a number of limitations. It’s vague but we could assume that a subject can only travel back a specific number of years or that calculations have been made to determine upon which date the outcome of events could most likely be altered. Who knows? But for me the fact that they keep those elements somewhat mysterious and non-specific is enough to let me just turn off my cynicism and enjoy the ride.

      – David

  5. Happy Birthday, Jason!!! Hope you have a great birthday! Thanks for all the great shows! You guys have provided me with hours of entertainment and education!

    • Willis, you’re not off the hook just yet. I completely disagree with you on the Transformer movies and I think you’re scoring them way, waaaaaay too high. Aside from the first one, the rest are forgettable and might as well be the same movie with a different title. I like action movies, even mindless action movies. But there is a limit and his name is Michael Bay (well, not every single time, but a lot of the times).

      Transformers: 7
      Transformers 2: 5
      Transformers 3: 4
      Transformers 4: Don’t even want to see it.

  6. hi Jason happy birthday and hope you are having a blast!

    for the transformer4, Code +1 Willis -1
    Actions were too long and repetitive, too many cars fall down the sky, Stanley and kalsey can’t save the plot regardless how hard they try; and oh those product placements… and it does get boring when the 17th car falls in front of the running characters.
    those dinobots didn’t kick ass at all. first they got punched up by OPrime, then they got sucked up into the air dancing like sissy.
    i always have two problems with the transformer movies –
    1. when they were in car form they look like having a perfect paint job, one minute later they transform then the the paint all scratched and stripped around part edges; where is the consistancy?
    2。for cars like bumbobee, the robot form is way way too big… you’d imagine robot should be the size of stand-up car size, but those robots are near 3 stories tall. where did they hide all the body mass when the were in car form?

    transformer 4 managed to bring it a little lower which i didn’t even think it was possible. this is a 4/10 for me and i told everyone around me that the movie was rubbish.

  7. The 2014 Podbody Award voting is now open and WE are nominated. Twitter users, tweet your votes for Movie Podcast Weekly with the insanly long hashtag: #podbodys2014bestpodcastvoting

    • How come I done talked to so many people that like the movie . I think most of y’all are a bunch of sheep following along with what other people are saying ,am calling b.s on y’all .

      • I don’t know, Juan. Someone just tweeted me that info today. Maybe they will email Jason something specific. We will let people know what we find out on the next episode. Thanks for asking, though.

  8. I just gave the episode a listen while I was cleaning out the garage. I rarely listen back to the episodes that I am on, but being a fan of Cody, seeing all of these comments about Jason’s editing, and given the unique format of this ep, I wanted to check this one out.

    Glad I did. How about a hand for our incredible guest this week, Cody Clark! The guy is so thoughtful and knowledgable. It was a real pleasure to have him on the show. And besides being a legitimate film critic, Cody is also one of our most faithful listeners, so I hope everyone gives him a pat on the back for a job well done.

    Jason, great job editing (wish I could say the same for the artwork, right Juan). You always do a fine job editing, but you really out-did yourself this time with all of the craziness that went down in our attempt to get this one recorded. I thank you and do not envy you.

    The one thing I’d have added to my plugs, had I known that you were going to insert that clip of Arnold and the “I’ll be back” line, is this hilarious clip from comedian Pete Holmes (one of my favorite stand-up comics) referencing that exact line and Arnie’s trouble with it.

    So funny:

    • You’re absolutely right Josh. Cody is a fantastic guest and I hope you guys can get him on way more episodes in the future. He’s a very insightful guy and I found myself agreeing with a lot of the stuff he had to say.

      With both Cody and Willis as guests this episode had a great diversity of voices and opinions and that will always make for an entertaining and thought provoking listen.

      – David

    • Hahahaha that was hilarious! I just forwarded it to a bunch of friends. I’m sure it’ll make their day.

      And yes! Bring Cody back. I think he’s great and brings yet another point of view to the already dynamic crew.

      Yes, the artwork could use some improvement (sorry Jay), but it’s Jay’s birthday bash so let’s try to be nice to him :) Besides, it’s his vision and I applaud him for sticking to his guns. If and when he’s ready for change, do let me know. I may have an idea or two 😉

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