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We are making some significant changes to improve Movie Podcast Weekly. For instance, our No. 1 priority is going to be releasing ON TIME, every time. Therefore, to help us accomplish this goal, we are going to start releasing on Wednesdays, as of Episode 134 on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

(In case you missed it, we finally released Episode 133.)

Please cast your vote below to let us know your preference for how long you’d like Movie Podcast Weekly episodes to be. We truly want to hear your opinions on the show length (or anything else), and you won’t hurt our feelings.

For example, let us know if you’re not fond of the recommendation segments. Or perhaps you’d like us to discuss more Movie News. Let us hear your preferences.

If you have sensitive concerns that would be better if shared privately, feel free to e-mail Jason at

Thanks for helping us through your participation.

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7 thoughts on “Help Us Improve Movie Podcast Weekly

  1. Hey I love the show and the longer the better…..

    I think you guys always have good opinions I may not agree with them all but love your recommendations and always like to hear your points of view….

    Saw two streaming movies this weekend wanted to know what you think of them:

    Coldwater 7 about a young man whose mom sends him to a rehabilitation camp and the trials and ordeals he has to overcome when he gets there… Dont want to give to much away but it is very violent so beware!


    Machine Gun Preacher 8 I must admit I started watching for the title alone just like Hobo with a shotgun… But this movie is so much better and takes on a wonderful story of a man who finds God and wants to make a better place. It stars Gerard Butler and Michael Shannon.

    Looking to hear your reviews on one or both they are both streaming on Netflix.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

    • Mario — Thank you! I am ON “Coldwater.” Consider it done, Brother. And “Machine Gun Preacher” sounds like a perfect homework assignment for Andy’s segment. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. #1 request: BRING BACK JOSH!
    #2 request: Keep doing what you’re doing.

    Re: Movie News – I don’t think you need to add a new/specific “movie news” section outside of covering BIG news items (deaths, etc), which you guys already mention. For me, the value and entertainment of MPW comes from the interaction and opinions of the co-hosts when discussing the movies. Besides, Andy would for sure fall asleep during a news section.

    • Dino,
      One of our most faithful… Thank you for your support of MPW and HMP.

      I knew we’d hear the request to bring back Josh, and I feel the same way… Behind the scenes, I encourage (and sometimes beg) him to return to MPW. I’ll keep trying…

      I can admit it: Overall, I feel like MPW has been not quite as good in 2015, and I believe Josh’s departure is part of that. He left a big hole in the show.

      But even so, I still feel like we can step up our game and improve this podcast. Horror Movie Podcast (the very closely-related sister show) has four times as many listeners as MPW, and MPW has more than twice as many episodes out there!

      So, it’s time to implement some good changes to bring you listeners the podcast you deserve. I think HMP is a competitor for one of the better horror podcasts out there, but I don’t think MPW has quite reached that competitive status. But we will! I would love to see MPW be the best movie podcast someday.

      We’ll keep working at it, though. Onward and upward. Thanks so much for your support and feedback.


  3. I went for the “2 hours” option but the only thing stopping me voting for “the longer the better” was the thought of the strain that the editing of longer shows might put on Jay. Ultimately though I’d take the show at whatever length you guys feel comfortable with it being. I wouldn’t want you stretching it out unnecessarily just to maintain a lengthy runtime but I also wouldn’t want you cutting out fun conversations and coverage just for sake of being snappy and concise.

    And Jay, let me say this: Sometimes I think you’re way too hard on yourself. Josh was certainly an amazing host who brought a huge amount of knowledge and discourse to the table but personally i think you guys are holding your own pretty well in his absence. The show is always a pleasure to listen to, super informative and extremely entertaining. I guess my only suggestion to help fill the Josh shaped void would be a new segment or part of the show where one/all of the hosts focus on some more foreign/art house/documentary fare. I don’t know how popular that might be with other listeners though. If you’re feeling that the show is lacking at the moment I think it’s probably more the negative effect of the inconsistent release times than anything else. I have faith that when things get a little less hectic and you get back into the groove there’ll be nothing to stop you making the show as good as it could possibly be.

    Some guest appearances from Dr. Shock (as well as a steady flow of the usual great guests) would be something I’d definitely appreciate though. I know that might be tough to pull off with conflicting schedules and whatnot but I always love to hear Dave get a rare chance to podcast about movies outside of the horror genre.

    Ultimately though I just want you guys to keep doing what your doing (maybe like slightly more emphasis on punctuality!) because as far as I’m concerned this network of hosts wouldn’t be able to record a bad podcast if they tried!

    • I echo David’s thoughts 100% and I’ll add these to the pile:

      1) The number one reason why I listen to the show is the hosts’ interactions. The content and length are important, but if the camaraderie is missing, then we’re in trouble.

      2) I love Josh, but I also love Andy, Karl, and Jay. Josh’s absence has definitely been felt by me, but I can live with it if you can replace him with someone like Doc Shock for instance. I think a new voice would spice things up, hopefully in a good way.

      3) Don’t kill yourself. Pick a length that is comfortable for you and the hosts, a length that is manageable for you to edit and be on time. You seem like the kind of person that stresses himself out over small things and giving yourself more work is not doing you any favors.

      4) Perhaps you should reconsider whether it’s worth to have a show at all when the quality of the movies isn’t that great. I’m a faithful listener because I’ve grown fond of you guys, but if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t cared about 80% of the movies that you’ve reviewed for the last couple of months. The only reason I tune in is to hear you guys do what you do best: interact with each other.

      You have a listener for life in me, Jay. Whether the quality of the show goes down or not, I’ll stick with you because I know you’ll make it work somehow. Just don’t kill yourself in the process. The last thing we’d all want is for you to call it quits again because you burnt yourself out. Please consider your options. Get help from Josh when editing, cut back on the length of the episodes, etc. Just remember quality over quantity bro.

      • “I’m a faithful listener because I’ve grown fond of you guys, but if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t cared about 80% of the movies that you’ve reviewed for the last couple of months.”

        I feel similar but I think this issue is just endemic to this particular time of year. It’s always rare that many decent movies get released in the early months. I have to say that I am very much looking forward to hearing the MPW coverage of the films set to be released this summer, autumn and winter though.

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