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Before Movie Podcast Weekly was born, Jason, Andy and Karl had a precursor show called Considering the Sequels Podcast. It was a monthly podcast where we’d review film franchises. (You can hear us interview Josh and his co-director during our Cleanflix BONUS episode, and Josh was our guest for Ep. 19 – The Thing.) So, if you’d like to explore our old archive of our first (turbulent) podcast, all 22 official episodes and 6 BONUS episodes are linked below.

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Movie Podcast Weekly

NOTE: This archive has some good podcasts, but in many of these episodes prior to Ep. 13, the sound quality is awfully sketchy, so you’ve been warned.


Ep. 22 – The Godfather Trilogy

Ep. 21 – Star Trek 6 – 11

Ep. 20 – Star Trek 1 – 5

Ep. 19 – The Thing (featuring Josh Ligairi!)

Ep. 18 – Indiana Jones

Ep. 17 – George Romero’s “Dead” Franchise

Ep. 16 – Batman (Late ’80s and 90s franchise)

Ep. 15 – Transformers

Ep. 14 – Harry Potter 5 – 8

Ep. 13 – Harry Potter 1 – 4

BONUS – News Media & Journalism Movies

BONUS – Pirates of the Caribbean

Ep. 12 – The Lord of the Rings

Ep. 11 – Fletch

BONUS – Extreme and Shock Cinema

Ep. 10 – Star Wars Trilogy

Ep. 9 – Star Wars Prequels

Ep. 8 – Red Riding

BONUS – On Directing

Ep. 7 – Mad Max

BONUS – Best of the Aughts

Ep. 6 – Airport

BONUS – Cleanflix

Ep. 5 – Wall Street

Ep. 4 – Alien

Ep. 3 – Jaws

Ep. 2 – Toy Story

Ep. 1 – Back to the Future

5 thoughts on “CTS Podcast Archive

    • Hi Adam,
      Jason here. Sorry about that. I’ll remove that page (for now). I’m actually planning to re-post ALL the CTS Podcast episodes from back in the day, for brave souls like you who dare, ha ha ha. But I haven’t gotten to it yet. My plan is to do it in 2017. (There’s a little cost to it, so I’m saving my pennies for that.) ha ha. Thanks for your interest. We’ll make a big announcement about it when it’s done.

  1. Hope you guys are able to repost the old CTS episodes. I really enjoyed them. The Romero episode was my favorite. Would love to listen to that one again!

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