MPW 100 Rap

100 episodes of Movie Podcast Weekly…
Ask me if I’m proud — I’ll say, “Yes, completely.”

We’ve come a long way since our Sequels show,
when we couldn’t even get the damn Skype to go…

Is this thing on? Can you guys hear me?
See what I mean?
Something is wrong with your audio recording settings.
I hate that Skype chick.

We had to get approval from each spouse.
Karl makin’ hella noise down at Andy’s house.

Actually, it was Andy’s basement.
And Karl stepped in as Bill Barnes’ replacement.

Considering the Sequels — somethin’ was missin’…
Not one person in the world would listen!

I said to my buddies, “Hey Guys, what gives?
They said, “People don’t wanna hear about ‘Fletch Lives.’”

Like a franchise, CTS ran its course,
for two years we beat on that dead horse.

October 2012, real discreetly,
we launched Ep. 001 of Movie Podcast Weekly.

Soon Josh came along for the ride,
and that’s when we really started hittin’ our stride.

So, let me take a minute here in this rhyme
to celebrate my co-hosts at this time.

My lead-off batter — an Irish actor,
Karl gets right down to the heart of the matter.

He’s wry and spry — and like Bill Nye —
he’s fond of science. He’s our sci-fi guy.

Complains that Andy’s place should be a wee bit warmer,
and thinks the best film that year was “Transformers.”

Josh Ligairi — quite contrary —
won’t watch “The Exorcist,” he thinks Regan’s too scary.

But I’ll tell you right now what freaks me out:
tryin’ to talk to Josh about “Song of the South.”

Or “Upstream Color” — What the #%$! — I’m out!
Seriously, what were those pigs about?

Add Andy — hilarity ensues…
He’s got loud pants, and he likes to snooze

—and rate movies — that he’s never seen!
Thinks he’s Ryan Gosling, but he’s Charlie Sheen.

Reached high-points in all 50 states.
He can climb damn mountains but can’t stay awake

on this podcast, where we talk movies
for over two hours every single Tuesday.

And I am your host. You can call me Jason
or “Jay of the Dead” on our other station —

Horror Movie Podcast — our sister site!
I said “Horror Movie,” yeah, you heard me right.

Why is this so hard for you to understand?
Read my lips: I’m a Horror fan!

I love “The Village” by M. Night Shymalan.
He’s yet to make a comeback, but I know he can!

So, why all this rappin’ on a show about movies?
Listeners out there — it’s ‘cause we think you’re groovy.

Thanks so much for your support,
donations, downloads and smart retorts

and questions. We have such affection
for all your feedback in the comments section

and voicemails. Let’s not forget,
we’ve had great guests; they were all legit.

So, thank you to all our fans.
We want ya’ll to know that we’ve got big plans.

Sure! — How ‘bout 100 more,
where Karl opens candy and Andy snores,

and Josh calls in while he’s out on tour?
Tell your friends we’re free in the iTunes store. (Bee-otch!)

Andy’s reviews can be a bit spotty,
but he’s a Superstar — he won — we won the Podbodys!

Maybe ‘cause Andy disrespects the dead,
and I bleep all the spoilers Karl said.

So, here’s to two more years
of MPW in your ears.

100 episodes — we’re so elated.
We’re your hosts, and we can’t be faded!

MPW can’t be faded.
Hey … It’s fadin’!

Lyrics written and performed by Jason Pyles
This celebratory rap song is dedicated to Andy, Karl, Josh and all our listeners.

6 thoughts on “MPW 100 Rap

  1. hey congratulations for hitting the 100th episode!

    not yet start to listen but can’t wait to leave the grats…

    keep rocking!

  2. OMG you guys ROCK! This was fantastic, and Jason, I can’t believe you did all that without losing a breath (or your stamina, and your cool groove). That was awesome, made my evening. Y’all can RAP a BEAT! Andy snoring at the end……hahaha

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