Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 201: Jason Bourne (2016) and Bad Moms (2016) and Suicide Squad (2016) and Into the Forest (2016)

Episode 201

And so it continues… Welcome to Episode 201 of Movie Podcast Weekly! In this show, we bring you Feature Reviews of Jason Bourne and Suicide Squad and Bad Moms and Into the Forest! But we can’t bring you Ryan; he is absent this week. But still, join us!

If you’re new to our show… Movie Podcast Weekly typically features four hosts — Jason, Andy, Karl and Geek Cast Ry — along with frequent guests. We give you our verdicts on at least one new movie release from the current year that’s currently playing in theaters, as well as several mini reviews of whatever we’ve been watching lately. New episodes release every single week!


I. Introduction
— MPW releases are back on schedule… pretty much.
— Meetup Movie: Blair Witch (2016) – Join us in Indiana!
— Finally: Andy’s Confession (Warning: This is anti-climactic.)

[ 0:05:59 ] II. Mini Reviews
Karl: The Last Man on the Moon, Enter the Dragon, Stranger Things, Star Trek Beyond
Jason: The Last Man on the Moon, The Messenger (2009), Review of VidAngel, The River Wild, Once, Fireproof, Facing the Giants
Andy: The Martian, Sicario

III. New in Theaters This Past Weekend:

New in Theaters July 29, 2016
Jason Bourne
Bad Moms
Cafe Society
Ants on Shrimp
Can We Take a Joke?
Into the Forest
Miss Sharon Jones
The Land
The Tenth Man
Viral (2016)
Yoga Hosers
– – – – – –
New in Theaters August 5, 2016
Suicide Squad
Nine Lives
Let’s Be
Little Prince
Nights in Maine
Little Men
Sun Choke
Mind’s Eye


[ 0:51:48 ] IV. Feature Review: JASON BOURNE (2016)
Jason = 4 ( Avoid )
Karl = 7 ( Rental )

[ 1:15:40 ] V. Feature Review: SUICIDE SQUAD (2016)
Jason = 5.5 ( Theater / Rental )
Andy = 4 ( Avoid )
Karl = 5.5 ( Rental )
Ryan = 7.5 ( ? )

[ 1:38:03 ] VI. Feature Review: BAD MOMS (2016)
Karl = 6.5 ( Rental )

[ 1:42:15 ] VII. Feature Review: INTO THE FOREST (2016)
Jason = 7.5 ( Strong Rental )

VIII. Wrap-Up / Plugs / Ending

Episode 202 where we’ll be reviewing six movies:

Blood Father
Pete’s Dragon
Florence Foster Jenkins
Batman: The Killing Joke
Edge of Winter

Join us!


— MPN Meetup (THIS IS HAPPENING!) — Sept. 15-18, 2016 in Indiana. See the comments below for details!

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15 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 201: Jason Bourne (2016) and Bad Moms (2016) and Suicide Squad (2016) and Into the Forest (2016)

  1. Nineteen minutes is nothing compared to the twenty-two minutes of trailers & commercials that play before every film I see at the AMC theatre I go to!!!!

  2. BTW, the ‘Iron Man’ scene is one of the very few (stupid, IMO) things that they added to an otherwise quite faithful adaptation of a great book. In ‘The Martian’ book, Watney makes the joke but doesn’t actually do it, since the book is extremely scientifically accurate, and the odds of successfully propelling yourself through space by jetting atmosphere from a gash you make in your suit are probably astronomical – and the book (and Watney) are smarter than that. Instead, it’s a typical, added “movie moment”.

    I highly recommend the book (or excellent audio book); it’s fantastic and gripping. They had to leave a lot of amazing things out of the film that Watney accomplished in order to be rescued. His drive from the Mars base to the launch site is lengthy and filled with some terrible things that go wrong that he has to deal with – it could be a separate movie of it’s own.

  3. Very enjoyable episode. I especially enjoyed Karl’s fan mail; the George Clooney comparison is surprisingly apt. (Surprising in that I’d never though of Karl’s voice that way, but I could hear it as soon as Judy, or Irene, or Gladys, or whatever her name is, pointed it out.) Although, Jay, you do realize that a Google avatar is not an actual live feed of the person who sent the e-mail, right? A 60-year-old woman could use a photo taken when she actually was 30 years younger, or a picture of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn for that matter, as her avatar. For example, when I send an e-mail using Gmail, the photo that fellow Gmail users see is of a young bigtooth maple. (It’s the same photo that appears with my comments here.) In real life, however, I do not still have nearly that many branches and leaves.

    Speaking of Margot Robbie, Jay, you gotta stop perving on the attractive ladies *during* the podcast. Vance can’t use VidAngel (yet) for episodes of Movie Podcast Weekly. And speaking of VidAngel, the VidAngel mini-review was very illuminating. I, too, would have guessed that “Once” has maybe seven or eight instances of (shmeep!), all in the one scene with the street thief. (Love that movie. Anyone who has seen and liked “Sing Street” this year would be well advised to check it out. [Same director.] It’s an awesomely musical romance.)

    I think Andy should only review comic book movies from now on, and should be tricked into seeing all of them. Grumpy Andy breathing out fire-and-brimstone tirades against comic book movies is first-rate entertainment.

    • The problem with identifying F-words in “Once” is with the accents you can’t tell what the heck anybody is saying anyway. At least that is the way I remembered it…I watched “Once” just once, with a large group of friends (guys and gals) back in college. Nearly everybody hated it. It had two great songs, but it was slow as tar and when it ended we all thought: “Well that was pointless and didn’t go anywhere.” I am crossing my fingers, hoping that “Sing Street” is way better. Sorry, not a fan of “Once.” Maybe one day I will revisit it, maybe the crowd I was with poisoned my viewing experience…

      Haven’t finished the episode, but looking forward to hearing Jay’s racy comments regarding Margot Robbie. Ha ha. It cracks me up when the guy gets all hot and bothered from leading ladies (i.e., Megan Fox in TMNT 2).

      Glad to hear Jay found a use for VidAngel. I enjoy the service and hope it doesn’t get axed by a court verdict.

      • In fairness to Jay, his “perving” this time around is fairly mild. Lady Pyles (who makes a brief but amusing appearance) probably wouldn’t even slap him. Or at least not hard.

        I don’t remember the accents in “Once” being much of an impediment to comprehensibility, although I do recall that most of the f–ks sound like “fook” (as in “duke”). I’ve seen it four or five times in all and I adore it. It is fairly low key and mild mannered, while I gather that “Sing Street” (which I haven’t yet seen) is considerably more boisterous.

  4. J –

    Well! If that isn’t you featured in this week’s Cinema Confessions (discussed by Dave, Devindra, and Jeff), then there is another Jason walking around that sounds like your exact doppelganger.

    Assuming that it is you (and I believe it probably is), how did you mask the sound?


    • That is *definitely* Jay. He’s talked before about pulling the same trick while recording MPW. Not that this needs to be discussed at length, and not that I speak from experience … but it seems there would only be a sound problem if one were to aim for the bottom of the cup. If one were to instead slow the flow a bit and hit the side at the top of the cup, then I have to imagine that silence would be golden. (So to speak.) What would be harder to disguise is the smell. Seems unlikely that there wouldn’t be a wafting odor, even if you put the lid back on the cup immediately.

      I’m having a hard time, however, imagining that one couldn’t just, you know, hold it until the end of the movie. Come on, Jay. Show some fortitude. Also, “Son of God”? What about that particular film could be so unmissable as to dictate such an extreme course of action? :-)

      • Thanks for the confirmation (even though I was 99.9% sure it was J – given the movie choice).

        My question was intended less as a serious query, and more as a piece of sarcasm aimed at highlighting the elephant in the room by ignoring it completely [unsuccessfully, it appears 😉 ] That elephant, of course – as you pointed out, is why on Earth one couldn’t miss 3 minutes of *any* movie, let alone ‘Son of God’?

        Also, isn’t getting rid of the cup and it’s contents later more trouble than just going to take a piss? :)

    • Props to Dino, Mark, Cody and GerdyWerdy for correctly identifying my shenanigans in Ep. 380 of The /Filmcast’s “Cinema Confessions” segment! You all impress me…

      I actually e-mailed them two stories. The other was the time I very nearly hid and slept inside a theater overnight to avoid perilous driving to my next-day screening. I signed my name — along with the name of MPW — in hopes that such a crazy and committed movie podcast host might convince some of The /Filmcast listeners to check out our show, but David Chen thought it prudent to only use my first name. I guess I can respect his discretion.

      I knew many of you would correctly identify me, though. In fact, I freely (and shamelessly) shared that story right after it happened during MPW Ep. 075. And I mused about sleeping over inside the theater during MPW Ep. 016.

      (Note: Yes, I disposed of the cup in a sanitary and considerate manner. And admittedly, I did not realize the severe extent to which the law could have borne itself down upon me… Whew! Won’t being trying that again … it didn’t even get me more listeners … may have lost some, in fact.)

      If anybody wants to hear what we’re talking about, my /Filmcast “Cinema Confession” begins around the 10-minute mark of this episode:


      • Answers to questions and comments:

        – There was no sound, really. It’s all about angle and swirling around the insides. If you spray a hose perpendicular to a wall, you’re going to get a loud splash. Aim at an angle around the sides. (Plus, movie theaters have the volume turned way up and no one was anywhere near me.)

        – Yes, I have also done that while podcasting before. (I’m from West Virginia, y’all, so it’s really no big deal.)

        – There were lots of weird things in Son of God, Cody. I mentioned a couple in my review. But I simply could not hold it, and I didn’t want to miss anything heretical. (Which other heathen MPW host would have covered that movie for us?) And as a film critic, I don’t feel good about missing one second of a movie I’m reviewing.

  5. J–

    You listen to Sigur Ros? That’s dope, man…they’re great!

    My respect for you grows deeper. :-)

    On another note…..sounds like Bourne….should Die!!! **moan** That sounded funnier in my head. :-)

    • Gomez, yes! You know it, Brother!
      Incredible music…
      Remember how “Bill and Ted’s” music was supposed to fix the universe or bring about inter-galactic peace or some other lofty aspiration?

      Well … in real life: Sigur Ros.


  6. Well, damn. I came over to see if anybody had figured out what my building in Bourne was, and saw the Sigur Ros mention. I always thought they were black metal. So I went to youtube and checked out Glósóli, because wikipedia said it hit #1 in Iceland, (which I hope to visit one day,) and it was something totally other. If you like that, check out Cocteau Twins. And to boot, Bad Taste signed Sigur Ros first and that’s the label started by The Sugarcubes, which was Bjork’s old band, and Bjork is the goddess of all music, so it’s a synchronism.

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