Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 075: Son of God (2014) and 86th Academy Awards Recap

Episode 075

Hi, and welcome to Episode 075 of Movie Podcast Weekly. For this show, your usual hosts (minus Karl) are joined by special guests DAVE “DR. SHOCK” BECKER of DVD and GEEK CAST RY of the Geek Cast Live Podcast to help us review the 86th Academy Awards ceremony, which took place on March 2, 2014. And Jason also brings you a Feature Review of “Son of God.”

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I. Intro
— Welcome special guest Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker
— Welcome special guest Geek Cast Ry

II. Feature Review: SON OF GOD (2014)
Jason: 5 ( Theater / Rental )

III. 86th Academy Awards Ceremony Recap

V. Wrap-Up

We will be reviewing 300: Rise of an Empire, Non-Stop, Grand Piano and The Broken Circle Breakdown with special guest Willis Wheeler

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13 thoughts on “Movie Podcast Weekly Ep. 075: Son of God (2014) and 86th Academy Awards Recap

  1. This was such a good show, and listening to GeekCast Ry and Doc Shock was fun. The new mix was fun. And thanks for all of the political info about the process, the stars and marketing for Hollywood films. I love movies deeply and that kind of stuff wakes me up a bit.

    As far as Anchorman 2 and Son of God go, Jay, Anchorman 2 got a 1 week rerelease. My wife and I were stoked to go because nearly the entire movie was retooled to use stuff that was left (all that ad-libbing produces good stuff that isn’t even used) and we want another gut-buster experience. But when I researched and saw that the bluray will have both versions and it’ll be on store shelves in one month, we decided to wait.

    On the OTHER hand, Son of God is a condensed version of 5 episodes of the Bible miniseries that ran on television last year. So, if a moviegoer isn’t paying enough attention, they might have gone to see a film in a theater that they had already seen at home last year.

    If you take your family, it could cost you a LOT of money to do so. Honestly, this might be far more wrong than what Anchorman 2 tried to do.

    • Actually, it really is wrong.

      Pay admission to a movie I liked for 763 new jokes? Good.

      Pay admission to the theater for the shortened version of something I can rent RIGHT NOW on Netflix in it’s entirety? Bad.

  2. This is one rare occasion that I caught a movie before the podcast crews do! Throughout the entire podcast I kept tginking, that I can write a review before u guys do! Maybe I will just do that… Should I put it here in reply or in email?
    Decision decision decision….

        • Non-stop is latest thriller movie starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Despite all efforts of culture mobile society references to be new and cool, the movie feels utterly familiar and predictable. It provides enough suspension for viewers who does not visit cinema frequently as well as enough plot holes for the keep eyes who are into fine thrilling stories.

          This time around, Liam Neeson is the air marshal who starts to receive threatening messages once the non-stop fight has taken off from New York to London. Every 20min a person will be killed on the plane until the request of the message sender is met. Liam now needs to manage to find the suspect(s) among the passengers, going through ‘everyone can be the bad person’ motion, control the situation that people start dying left right and centre, as well as managing his personal problems alone the way.

          Without going too deep into the spoilers, the writing of the story is the biggest problem for the movie. The setup of the plot really belongs to the mid-ninety movies, where finding the bad guys among a bunch of innocent looking (or not so innocent looking) people were interesting and exciting. How ever, it is less feasible these days as audience gets smarter and more informed. The quality of the script itself is also in question – The script feels nothing original but rather industrially produced. At a stage, the personalities in the movie is too stereotyping and things are just happening way too conveniently, it makes you want to laugh (with “of course” to yourself) and when the answers finally unfold itself, you already stopped caring for the plane’s destiny.

          “let’s make a movie about people dying on airplane,”

          “oh, sure, we need a hero that has personal problems”

          “what problems should he have?”

          “I don’t know, drinking from dying family members maybe”

          “Yeah, let’s do that… we can make use of that to …”

          “We also need to have some mid-east people on the airplane”

          “Sure, I will write that down too”

          Something like that.

          Liam and Julian both delivers effective performance but nothing outstanding. Liam looks too cool and holding up too well in character, nowhere near as mental-broke as the character would indicate; Julian’s character is hit-and-miss constantly and I don’t blame Julian, it is the writing. The rest of the cast is largely un-known to me, so if they look too plasticky I will blame the lousy director effort. Jaume Collet-Serra, the director, seems taking the safe route all the way, which gives the movie less of an edge and surprise, just like his “Unknown” from 2011.

          All in all, I’d give this movie 6/10 – it is not a cinema worthy, there is no reason why you should see it on the big screen unless you are trying to entertain your date who watches movie twice a year. It should do fine for rental, when you are tired of kids’ animations and don’t want to go through that “Mandela” journey – it is a thriller movie for you when you need a brain dead hour. There is nothing in the movie making me want to own it.

          Somehow my wife liked it – guess having Liam Neeson on the screen alone projects a lot of weight these days.

  3. I love that “American Hustle” is bragging about 10 Academy Award nominations on their DVD release promos…. and right under it should be written:
    “….and not a SINGLE win!” woohoo!

    Loooooooooove it! ’bout time the new brat pack had some humble pie.

  4. “I’ve got a lot of friends who are nominated. The problem is – and I don’t like to mention names because they’re friends of mine – but a good actor, it’s how he hides his feelings, not how he shows his feelings, and very few actors do that,” said Landau.
    “When I’m watching the Oscars, I have a lot of mixed feelings. There [are] people who are nominated that shouldn’t be nominated.”

    – Martin Landau at post Oscars party.


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